How to Get the Roar Emote in Lost Ark

What is the Roar Emote?

The Roar Emote is one of many in-game Emotes you can acquire in Lost Ark. The Roar Emote can be used to socialize with other players in-game or as an MVP Emote for Raids, Dungeons, and Proving Grounds.

As the Emote’s name suggests, the Roar Emote will cause your character to tilt backward and let out a big roar with arms spread towards either side.

How to get the Roar Emote?

You can get the Roar Emote from Blackfang in Freedom Isle. Look for Blackfang inside a small cabin on the east side of the map and purchase the Roar Emote from her using Gienah’s Coins.

You will need 3,360 Gienah’s Coins to get the Roar Emote from Blackfang. You can get Gienah’s Coins from Quest and Mission Rewards around the game. With enough Gienah’s Coins, all you have to do is look for the gray vendor icon on your map and talk to Blackfang to access her shop.

Within Blackfang’s shop will be the “Emote: Roar” book that will teach you the Roar Emote in-game. Purchase the “Emote: Roar” book then use the book by right-clicking on the book’s icon in your inventory. This will add the Roar Emote to your learned emotes in-game.

How to Use the Roar Emote

You can use the Roar Emote by accessing the Game Menu or by pressing Y on your keyboard. This will bring up the Emotes Menu which will allow you to pick from a selection of learned Emotes. Click on the Roar Emote to use the emote in-game.

Alternatively, you can type “/roar” in the in-game chat to activate the Roar Emote from almost anywhere in the game.

Where to get Gienah’s Tokens in Lost Ark?

You can get Gienah’s Coins in Lost Ark through the following activities:

  • Island Quests
  • Co-op Quests
  • Visiting Trade Merchants in the Stronghold
  • Adventure Island in Procyon’s Compass
  • Events

Gienah’s Tokens are a sailing-related currency that you can use to purchase various items such as Ship Blueprints from Travelling Merchant Ships in Lost Ark or the Roar Emote from Blackfang in Freedom Isle.


The Roar Emote is one of the more difficult Emotes to get in Lost Ark since you need to farm a considerable amount of Gienah’s Coins to purchase the Emote from Blackfang in Freedom Isle.

Nevertheless, farming the required amount of Gienah’s Coins is the only challenge in getting the Roar Emote, as you can easily purchase it from Blackfang as soon as you have enough tokens.

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