How to Get the Lawmaker Set in Lost Ark

What is the Lawmaker Set?

The Lawmaker Set is a skin collection that’s part of the Founder’s Pack in Lost Ark. The Lawmaker Set chest contains a complete Lawmaker Skin Set of your choice, which includes a Headgear, Chestpiece, and Weapon Skin.

The skins found in the Lawmaker Set are class and gender-specific, which means you’ll get the appropriate types of skins for your character in the game. Lawmaker Weapon Skins will vary from one class to another, but the Chestpiece and Headgear should look pretty similar for all classes.

How To Get the Lawmaker Set?

You can get the Lawmaker Set if you purchase the Founder’s Pack in Lost Ark. If you purchase either the Gold or Platinum Founder’s Pack, you will receive a Lawmaker Set in your Product Inventory menu.

The Lawmaker Set is a Founder’s Pack-exclusive chest that you cannot purchase from the Lost Ark Shop. You can, however, purchase the chest from the Market using Gold.

Our Market search produced only one Lawmaker Set that’s being sold for an absurd amount of Gold (39,500). We also found a few individual Lawmaker Set Skin Pieces for the Male Gunner as well as an unopened Lawmaker Skin and Weapon Chest.

What are the colors of the Lawmaker Set in Lost Ark?

The Lawmaker Set comes in White, Red, and Black color variants. The color variants are similar between the Lawmaker Set Weapon and Skin variants. However, the colors you get are selected at random when you open the chest in-game.

Other Founder’s Pack skins come in colors similar to the Lawmaker Set. For example, the Cerberus Mount, also a Founder’s Pack-exclusive item, features White, Red, and Black color variants alongside a few other color options.

How do I claim my Founder Pack in Lost Ark?

You can claim your Founder’s Pack from the Product Inventory menu in Lost Ark. Click on the small box icon with an arrow on it in the upper left corner of your screen to open the Product Inventory menu.

In the Product Inventory Menu, select the item you want to claim (in this case, the Founder’s Pack, if you have it) by clicking on the checkbox on the left side of the item. After you have selected the item you want to claim, click on the “Claim Selected” button in the bottom right corner of the Product Inventory menu to claim the item.


You can get the Lawmaker Set if you purchased the Gold or Platinum Founder’s Pack prior to Lost Ark’s debut in 2021. If you weren’t able to buy the Platinum Founder’s pack back then, don’t worry, if you can find listings for the Lawmaker Set, you can still buy the item from the in-game Market using Gold.

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