How to Get the Tooki Corporation Island Token

Where is Tooki Corporation?

Tooki Corporation is an island located in the Shadow Sea, East of Feiton, North of Rohendel, and just Northwest of South Vern in Lost Ark.

Tooki Corporation is one of the higher-tier islands in the game, with a Recommended Item Level of 960. While you can sail to the island anytime, you might want to ensure you meet the Item Level requirement so you don’t run into trouble with content on the island.

How to Get the Tooki Corporation Island Token

You can get the Tooki Corporation Island Token in Lost Ark by completing the Tooki Corporation quest “A Genuine Single-Digit Tooki.

The quest “A Genuine Single-Digit Tooki” is the final quest in the seven-part Tooki Corporation Island Token quest chain. You’ll need to complete six other quests before you can get the “A Genuine Single-Digit Tooki” quest.

Start the Tooki Corporation Island Quest Chain by completing the Tooki Treasure Removal and Promotion Peril quests from the Tooki Corporation Main Quest chain. After you complete these two quests, continue the Tooki Corporation Island Token Quest Chain in the following order

  1. Tooki Tooki Discovery
  2. A Long Trip Deserves a Big Reward
  3. Single Digits or Bust
  4. End Results
  5. The Quest for Tookicalibur*
  6. Tooki Tooki Announcement
  7. A Genuine Single-Digit Tooki

*The Quest for Tookicalibur requires the item Tookicalibur. You can get this item by placing it in the top 3 in the Co-op Quest that spawns every hour on Tooki Corporation or by defeating the Tooki King on Tooki Island. Unfortunately, the Tookicalibur is an RNG drop from defeating the Tooki King, which means you might have to defeat the Tooki King a few times before you can get the Tookicalibur as a drop.

You should be able to complete all six quests leading up to the A Genuine Single-Digit Tooki, as the only hurdle in finishing the Island Token Chain Quest is getting the Tookicalibur.

Tooki Corporation Rewards

You can get a ton of rewards for completing all the content on Tooki Corporation, including Legendary Card Packs, Rapport Chests, and Engravings, among many other rewards.

  • Tooki Corporation Island Token
  • Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack x5
  • Epic Rapport Chest x3
  • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x6
  • High Seas Coin Chest x16
  • Pirate Coin x10,000
  • Gold x1,600

How to Get the Tookicalibur in Lost Ark?

You can get the Tookicalibur by completing the Cooperative Quest “Twinkle Twinkle, Gather Notes” on Tooki Corporation or killing the Tooki King on Tooki Island.

The Twinkle Twinkle, Gather Notes Co-op Quest spawns at the top of every hour on Tooki Island.

It requires you to participate in a treasure note-collecting competition, where you must place within the top 3 players to get the Tookicalibur as a reward.

Another way you can get the Tookicalibur in Lost Ark is by joining forces with other players and completing the Co-op Quest “Taking on Tooki”. After you defeat the Tooki King, there’s a chance you’ll get the Tookicalibur as a reward.


Getting the Tooki Corporation Island Token will take a minimum of four days to acquire in Lost Ark. Not only do you have to complete two Main Quests on Tooki Corporation to start the Island Token Quest Chain, but you are also limited by the server reset requirement that happens after you complete each quest in the Island Token Quest Chain.

And then there’s the need to acquire the Tookicalibur to complete one of the quests in the Island Token Chain “The Quest for Tookicalibur”, which, in itself, is also a time-consuming quest that relies on RNG.

Nevertheless, the Tookicalibur and the server reset are the only real challenges in getting the Tooki Corporation Island Token. Complete these two requirements and the rest of the quests should be pretty straightforward.

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