How to Get the Song of Temptation in Lost Ark

What is the Song of Temptation?

The Song of Temptation is one of twenty-one Sheet Music that you can collect and unlock in Lost Ark. As with most other Sheet Music in the game, the Song of Temptation is used for increasing Rapport with some NPCs.

Some of the Sheet Music you’ll find in-game, like the Song of Escape, Song of Trixion, Song of Return, and Song of Hearth and Home give you the ability to teleport to specific locations in the game. Most of the other Sheet Music in-game, however, is only used for Rapport with NPCs.

Where can I find the Song of Temptation?

You can find the Song of Temptation in the Yudia Adventurer’s Tome Rewards section in Lost Ark. The Song of Temptation is a reward that you can get when you complete 50% of your Yudia Adveturer’s Tome.

Other Sheet Music that can only be unlocked through progress in the Adventurer’s Tome include the Song of Eternity, Romantic Weapon, Soulful Requiem, and the Song of Harmony.

How to Use the Song of Temptation?

You can use the Song of Temptation by clicking on the Song of Temptation icon in the Sheet Music menu in Lost Ark.

Bring up the Sheet Music menu by pressing F2 on your keyboard or by clicking on the Adventure button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Look for the Song of Temptation, click on it, then click the Play button in the bottom part of the menu.

You can also drag the Song of Temptation icon to a vacant Quicklot so you can find the song faster and play it by clicking the Quickslot bind key.

How do you open Adventurer’s Tome in Lost Ark?

Open the Adventuerer’s Tome by pressing “N” on your keyboard in Lost Ark. Alternatively, you can also click on the Adventure button (exclamation icon) in the bottom right corner of the HUD and then click on Adventurer’s Tome to open the menu.

You can think of the Adventurer’s Tome as a content checklist for major zones in Lost Ark. The menu lists all the unique Main Quests, Bosses, Cooking, Vistas, Collectibles, Dungeons, and Monsters that you’ll find in a specific zone in the game. Other content you can unlock includes Another Story and Hidden Story Quests, as well as Triport and Rapport progress in the current zone.


If you’re looking to complete Rapport with NPCs in Lost Ark, then the Song of Temptation is a Sheet Music you will want to add to your collection. Fortunately, getting the Song of Temptation is fairly straightforward, as you only need to complete 50% of the Yudia Adventurer’s Tome to receive the song as a reward.

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