Where to Find and How to Complete the Pull It Together Quest in Lost Ark


What is the Pull It Together Quest?

Pull It Together is a Sailing Co-op Quest where you use your ship to pick up items from under the sea alongside other players. The Pull It Together Quest only appears in specific locations in Lost Ark and is only available at specific schedules in the game as listed in Proycon’s Compass.

In the Pull It Together Quest, you will use your ship’s Treasure Salvaging skill and work with other players to collect a total of 450 items within the event area. The event only lasts for three minutes.

Where to Find the Pull It Together Quest?

You can find the Pull It Together Quest in three locations within the Sea of Gienah – Yorn, Arthetine, or Feiton. Nevertheless, despite appearing in either of the three locations mentioned, Pull It Together has the biggest chance of appearing in Arthetine.

Pull It Together – Arthetine

The start location for the Pull It Together Quest in Arthetine can be found just north of the Arthetine Port. You can check the spawn times for the Pull It Together Quest through the Alarm Menu in Lost Ark.

Pull It Together – Yorn

Pull It Together – Feiton

How to Complete the Pull It Together Quest

To complete the Pull It Together Quest, you must work with other players and use your Treasure Salvaging skill to fish out items from under the sea. You and other players must pick up a total of 450 items through Treasure Salvaging to complete the Co-op Quest.

You have to hurry, however, as the Co-op Quest only lasts for three minutes if you and other players participating in the Co-op Quest fail to collect the 450 items required, you will not receive the Co-op Quest rewards after the event.

Pull It Together Rewards

Pirate Coins, Gienah’s Coins, and Gold are some of the rewards you can get for completing the Pull It Together Sailing Co-op Quest in Lost Ark.

The amount of currency you get for completing the Co-op quest will depend from one event to another, but you can check Procyon’s Compass Alarm menu to get a better idea of the coins you can expect to get from the event.


Pull It Together is quite literally a quest where you and other players must work together and pull Treasures out of the depths to complete the quest and receive quest rewards after the event. You can find this Sailing Co-op event in various locations in the Sea of Gienah but the event spawns more often at Arthetine. Complete the Co-op Quest and receive various Sailing Coins as rewards.

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