How to Get the Notos Island Soul in Lost Ark

Where is Notos Island?

You can find Notos Island in the Credos Ocean, west of Anikka and north of Tortoyk. You can visit Notos Island anytime after you unlock the ability to sail in Lost Ark, as the Recommended Item Level is a low 250, and the Admission Period is always open for the island.

Notos Island is famous for being a Paradise of Whales because whales considered rare to find elsewhere are a fairly common sight around the island.

How to Get the Notos Island Soul

You can get the Notos Island Soul for completing the quest With Didi, which is the final quest on the island. Before starting the With Didi quest, you must complete the island quest Whalesongs (which requires you to complete Una’s Task: Whale Tale) and Una’s Task Whalekeeper’s Reward twice.

The Una’s Tasks you must complete to get the Notos Island Soul are Whale Tale and Whalekeeper’s Reward. The former is available on the get-go, but you have to unlock the latter by completing a quest on Notos Island called Whalesongs.

Start by talking to Nemian, who will give you the A Whale of a Quest on Notos Island. After you complete A Whale of a Quest, complete the Whale Tale Una’s Task to unlock the next quest in the chain Whalesongs.

Complete Whalesongs, then complete the Una’s Task Whalekeeper’s Reward twice to unlock the With Didi quest.

The Notos Island Soul will be given to you as a reward for completing With Didi on Notos Island.

Notos Island Quests and Rewards

Aside from the Notos Island Soul, you can get several other rewards for completing quests on Notos Island. Below is a list of all the quests and their corresponding rewards on Notos Island.

Island Quests and Rewards

A Whale of a Quest (Nemian)

  • Wisdom +1
  • Epic Rapport Chest
  • Silver x10,000

Whalesongs (Bellita)

  • Kindness Potion
  • Epic Rapport Chest x2
  • Silver x10,000

With Didi (Bellita)

  • Notos Island Token
  • Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack x5
  • Silver x40,000
  • Gold x85

Notos Island Una’s Tasks and Rewards

Whale Tale

  • Silver x2,000

Whalekeeper’s Reward

  • Humpback Whale Oil
  • Silver x9,000

Whale Watching

  • Vitality Increase Potion
  • Silver x18,000

Can you only do islands once in Lost Ark?

You can only do islands once per account in Lost Ark since island progress is roster-wide. Any progress you complete on your main character will be considered complete on your alt characters as well.

Fomona Island is the only exception to this rule, as you can complete Fomona Island twice per account (once for each type of gender.)


You must complete two Una’s Tasks and all the island quests on Notos Island to get the Notos Island Soul. Complete the Una’s Task: Whale Tale first to unlock the “Whalesongs” quest on Notos Island. After completing these two quests, finish the Una’s Task: Whalekeeper’s Reward twice to get the quest that gives out the Notos Island Soul.

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