How to Get the Outlaw Isle Island Soul

Where is Outlaw Isle?

You can find Outlaw Isle on the Western side of the Rethramis continent in Lost Ark. Outlaw Isle is sandwiched between Little Whispering Island, Twilight Isle, and the Island of Torrent. Bring up the World Map and use the search function to pinpoint Outlaw Isle’s location.

Outlaw Isle is one of very few PvP islands in the game. You can engage in combat against other players on Outlaw Isle as soon as you set foot on the island.

How to get the Outlaw Isle Island Soul

Three treasure chests will spawn every five minutes on Outlaw Isle. Each chest presents a small chance to get the Outlaw Isle Island Soul.

However, since the Outlaw Isle Island Soul is purely an RNG drop, there’s no telling how many times you have to open the chests before you can acquire the Island Soul. Moreover, since Outlaw Isle is a PvP island, there’s a good chance you’ll end up fighting against other players before you can get a chance to open any of the three chests on the island.

What can you do on Outlaw Isle?

Aside from engaging in random PvP duels with other players, you can get an Island Soul and a Mokoko Seed on Outlaw Isle. Outlaw Isle is also an island that you must visit to complete a Quest from White Wave Island. Other than that, there’s not really much else to do on the island.

You can engage with other players in PvP for fun on Outlaw Isle, but you’ll be better off leaving other players alone, as there’s a good chance they’re on the island just to get the Outlaw Isle Soul.

Are there Mokoko Seeds on Outlaw Isle?

There is only one Mokoko Seed on Outlaw Isle, and it is located in the Southern part of the island. Look for the small boat as soon as you set foot on Outlaw Isle. Near the boat’s right paddle will be a hidden Mokoko Seed. Pick it up to add it to your Mokoko Seed collection.

If you’re alone on Outlaw Isle, it might be worth spending some time opening the chests and waiting for them to respawn until you get the Outlaw Isle Island Soul. Be careful, however, as other players might engage you in PvP to get first dibs on the chests on the island.


The Outlaw Isle Island Soul is relatively easy to acquire since you only really need to open the chests and hope one of them drops the Outlaw Isle Island Soul. If none of the chests drop the Island Soul, wait five minutes for them to respawn, and just rinse and repeat until you acquire the Island Soul.

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