How to Get the Runaways Island Soul in Lost Ark

Where is Runaways Island in Lost Ark?

Runaways Island is in the northeastern part of the World Map or north of the Arthetine continent in Lost Ark. You can find this island between the Sea of Dawn, Domerek Sea, North Arthetine Sea, and Sceptrum Ocean.

The recommended Item Level on Runaways Island is 250, but the island is open 24/7, which means you can visit this island anytime as soon as you unlock the ability to sail in the game.

How to Get the Runaways Island Soul

You can get the Runaways Island Soul by completing Una’s Task: Crook Catcher 6 times. Clearing the Crook Catcher task is the only requirement, and since there is no prerequisite in this Una Task, you can start this task any time you like.

In the Crook Catcher quest, you must find three criminals on Runaways Island – the Lockpicker, the Prisoner Ransomer, and the Noble Impersonator. Here are their possible locations:

  • On top of rooftops.
  • Along walkways near houses in the middle and western part of the island.
  • In front of doorways.
  • Within groups of NPCs.
  • Inside animal pens in the northern or western houses on the island.

It is worth noting that the locations of criminals on the island are random on each visit, and you will have to scour the entire island to find each criminal as you try to complete the Crook Catcher quest six times.

Runaways Island Rewards

Runaways Island has two quest chains that reward a fair amount of loot. You can expect to get Stat Increase Potions, Emote, Engravings, and various currencies as you complete all the content on the island.

  • Charisma Potion
  • Stat Increase Potion
  • Stat Increase Potion
  • Stat Increase Potion
  • Stat Increase Potion
  • Vitality Increase Potion
  • Emote: Bag
  • 6x Uncommon Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive)
  • 12x Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
  • Runaway’s Chest
  • 5x High Seas Coin Chest
  • 37,000 Pirate Coin
  • 100-Gold Coin
  • Kindness +2

What do you do with the Island Tokens in Lost Ark?

You can claim various rewards for collecting Island Tokens in Lost Ark. For every 5 Island Tokens that you collect, you can claim rewards such as Greater Stat Increase Potion, Emotes, Luminous Aquamarine, and many other rewards.

Travel to Opher, the Lonely Island, and talk to the NPC on the island to view all the possible Island Token rewards in the game. You can claim Island Token rewards for every 5 Island Tokens you have collected.


Getting the Runaways Island Soul is fairly simple since all you really have to do is complete the Una’s Task: Crook Catcher six times. The only challenge is finding the three criminals as their locations are randomized each time you visit the island.

The good news is that the Crook Catcher quest does not have any prerequisites, and you can start and complete this Una’s Task anytime you want.

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