How to Use Procyon’s Compass in Lost Ark

What is Procyon’s Compass?

Procyon’s Compass is an in-game menu that keeps track of many Daily Activities in Lost Ark. Field Boss, Ghost Ship, Chaos Gates, and Adventure Island schedules can be viewed through Procyon’s Compass, alongside many other activities.

Aside from Field Bosses, Ghost Ships, Chaos Gates, and Adventure Islands, you can also view the following schedules through Procyon’s compass:

  • Fever Time
  • Siege Content
  • Islands
  • Sailing and Sailing Co-op
  • Rowen Siege and Raid

How do you get Procyon’s Compass?

Procyon’s Compass is unlocked as soon as your reach Level 50 in Lost Ark. Level 50 is the beginning of Lost Ark’s endgame, where you can start to take on the plethora of endgame activities such as Chaos Gates and Adventure Islands, to name a few.

You don’t have to do anything special to activate Procyon’s Compass, and you can start using the feature when you reach the endgame.

How do you use Procyon’s Compass?

Click on the compass icon under the minimap in the upper right corner of your screen. This will bring up the Procyon’s Compass menu. Within the menu are several options that allow you to view various schedules and spawn times for daily activities in Lost Ark.

You can view expected spawn schedules for Field Bosses, Ghost Ships, Chaos Gates, and Adventure Island by clicking on the Appearance Notification Info button. A new window should pop up, listing all content types and schedules for each unique content.

Procyon’s Compass will automatically notify you of upcoming events through the Alarm Menu. Here, you can click on the compass icon to pinpoint the event location or use the Horn button to modify notification settings for individual events.

Procyon’s Compass will also display the number of Roster/Account Rewards you can obtain. Procyon Compass activities reset daily at 5:00 AM, while Adventure Island reset once a week every Thursday.

Is Procyon’s Compass useful?

Procyon’s Compass is very useful as it keeps track of all the schedules for many Daily Events in Lost Ark. You will find yourself using Procyon’s Compass to anticipate spawn times for Chaos Gates, Field Bosses, and many other daily events.

Knowing when a Daily Activity spawns in Lost Ark will give you time to prepare for that activity. For example, knowing when an Adventure Island spawns will give you enough time to sail and enter the island before the entry window expires.

Arriving on time is important for many Lost Ark activities. If you miss an activity’s entry window, you will have to wait a significant time before you can participate in the same event on the same day. Procyon’s Compass helps make sure you arrive on time for these events.


You will use Procyon’s Compass regularly as you take on various Daily Activities in the game. Procyon’s Compass will automatically notify you of upcoming events and activities through the Alarm Menu, but you can also view all schedules for all events by clicking on the Appearance Notif. Info button.

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