Locations of All Vern Castle Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

Where is Vern Castle in Lost Ark?

Vern Castle is the capital city of the Vern continent in Lost Ark. Vern can be found in the center of Arkesia’s World Map, with Vern Castle situated in the southeastern part of the continent.

Like Luterra Castle, Vern Castle is one of the biggest cities in the game. Here you’ll find the Queen’s Castle, Military District, the Magick Society, and many other zones filled with various NPCs and merchants.

You can visit Vern Castle as soon as you unlock the ability to set sail in Lost Ark. Dock your ship at Port Krona and proceed on foot to Vern Castle Entrance to arrive at Vern Castle.

Vern Castle Mokoko Seeds

There are six Mokoko Seeds to collect in Vern Castle and all six can be found just laying around specific locations around the castle grounds.

Unlike other Mokoko Seeds, you won’t need Sheet Music to access any hidden areas in Vern Castle and simply knowing where to find the Mokoko Seeds is enough.

Here are all the Mokoko Seeds locations in Vern Castle.

  • Mokoko Seed #1 – Under the balcony in the open area south of the Business District.

  • Mokoko Seed #2 – Top of the steps leading to the Proving Grounds area.

  • Mokoko Seed #3 – Under the large tree in Plaza of Harmony

  • Mokoko Seed #4 – Under the tree on the right side of the fountain.

  • Mokoko Seed #5,6 – Follow the Magick Society Student as she walks toward the right wing of the second floor.

How Many Mokoko Seeds are there in Lost Ark?

Around 1250 Mokoko Seeds exist in Lost Ark. Many of these Mokoko Seeds can be found in various zones within continents, while some can be found on the many islands in the game. You can collect these Mokoko Seeds and claim rewards for every 50 Mokoko Seeds you have collected.

Talk to Village Chief Totoma in Mokoko Village on Tortoyk, where you can claim up to 24 unique rewards for collecting all 1200 Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark.

Do Mokoko Seeds matter?

You do not need Mokoko Seeds to enjoy Lost Ark’s content and are not required to finish the main storyline. Mokoko Seeds are simply side content that you can enjoy in your free time.

With that said, you can get worthwhile rewards for collecting specific amounts of Mokoko Seeds in the game. Some rewards include Stat Potions, Crew Application Forms, Ship Blueprints, and more.


The Mokoko Seeds in Vern Castle are very easy to collect since all of the Mokoko Seeds are just sitting in the open just waiting to be collected. Knowing where to look is all it takes to collect all six Mokoko Seeds.

Refer to the guide images above to learn the locations of all Mokoko Seeds on Vern Castle.

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