Where to find Casrick in Lost Ark

Who is Casrick?

Casrick is a Level 50 Field Boss that you will find in the Balankar Mountains area in North Vern. He is an Immortal-type monster with 10,708,800 (x23) HP and spawns at intervals of two hours in-game. There is no recommended Item Level for Casrick, which means you can participate in the boss fight and receive rewards regardless of your current Item Level.

Casrick was a mage that once belonged to the Magick Society of Vern. His chase for the ultimate awakening led to his corruption and ultimately turned him into a monster after he became obsessed with Sigmund and necromancy.

Where does Casrick spawn in Lost Ark?

You can find Casrick in the Balankar Mountains in North Vern. His spawn location is on the dead-end northwest of the Mountain Entrance area marked in the image below.

The fastest way to get to Casrick’s spawn location is by teleporting to the Triport at Starkeeper’s House and using the floating platform to get to the southern part of the map.

You will travel by land for a bit to get to the Mountain Entrance area, so use your Mount to travel on land faster. Ignore any enemies along the way to save time.

How to Defeat Casrick

Despite having 10,708,800 HP spread out in 23 health bars, it is possible to defeat Casrick alone. If you have completed the North Vern Questline, you should be strong enough to take on Casrick alone. Otherwise, you might want to employ the help of other players and take on Casrick as a group.

You only have to worry about two types of attacks from Casrick – variations of melee attacks and AoE spells that burn the ground. Fortunately for you, Casrick’s attack will always have a spread indicator, giving you a good idea about when to attack and dodge the corrupted mage. Moreover, Casrick is also a very slow mover, making it easy to land powerful charge attacks on him.

You don’t have to do anything special to defeat Casrick. Just move out of the way when a red indicator shows up on the ground to avoid taking damage, then continue dishing out damage through your Skills. Do this until you defeat Casrick.

Casrick Rewards

Like most bosses in Lost Ark, you will get a decent amount of loot for defeating Casrick. Here is all the loot you can expect from defeating the corrupted mage.

  • 3x Epic Gear
  • 1x Epic Accessory
  • 2x Uncommon Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
  • 1x Stone of Endurance
  • 1x Secret Map
  • 1x Eternity Essence

You are not guaranteed to get the loot above after you defeat Casrick. The rewards listed above are simply loot you can expect to get after you beat the Field Boss. Rewards are always random.


Casrick is one of the easier Field Bosses in Lost Ark. You should have no problems taking on Casrick alone, but you will defeat him faster with help from other players.

The Casrick fight should be easy, especially since Casrick telegraphs most of his attacks shown by a red indicator. Move away from these attacks briefly to avoid taking damage but resume dishing out Skills to deal damage as soon as you get the chance.

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