Where to Get Awakening Chaos Shard in Lost Ark

What is Awakening Chaos Shard for?

Awakening Chaos Shards are consumables that allow you to use your Awakening Ability in Lost Ark. Unlike most character’s other abilities that use mana or Skill Meter, Awakening Abilities consume Awakening Chaos Shards each time you use them in battle.

Awakening Abilities are powerful abilities that you can only unlock by completing an Awakening Questline in Lost Ark. Each class can unlock up to two Awakening Abilities but can only equip one at any given time.

Where to Get Awakening Chaos Shard

You can get Awakening Chaos Shards from General Merchants in Lost Ark. Most major cities and towns will have this NPC. Interact with the NPC and purchase Awakening Chaos Shards for Silver.

Awakening Chaos Shards only cost 250 Silver, so stock up on multiple Awakening Chaos Shards so you can keep using Awakening Skills without worry.

It is also worth noting that Awakening Chaos Shards are tradeable between players, so if you run out of Chaos Shards in the middle of a dungeon run, you can ask your party for some.

You can also purchase Awakening Chaos Shards from the Auction House. Acquiring Chaos Shards from the Auction House will require Gold, but can end up costing much less than buying Chaos Shards for silver from the General Merchants NPC.

How to use Awakening Chaos Shard in Lost Ark?

Awakening Chaos Shards are automatically used whenever you activate your character’s Awakening Ability. Awakening Skills use will consume 1 Awakening Chaos Shard.

It is worth stocking up on multiple Chaos Shards so you won’t have to worry about running out in the middle of a Raid or dungeon run. Awakening Skills have a fairly long cooldown of 5 minutes, which means you won’t be using up too many Chaos Shards too quickly.

Is Awakening Chaos Shard worth it?

Awakening Chaos Shards is a necessity in Lost Ark but only after you have unlocked your Awakening Skill, which comes after you reach Level 50 and complete the Awakening Questline for your character.

You can only use your powerful Awakening Skill when you have Chaos Shards in your inventory, so make sure you have enough of these shards in your inventory at all times. Head to General Merchant at most cities in the game and purchase Awakening Chaos Shards for Silver or check the Auction and purchase some for Gold.


Awakening Chaos Shard is an important consumable in the endgame. Awakening Skills provide powerful effects that you will want to use each time the 5-minute cooldown is up, so make sure you stock up on as many Awakening Chaos Shards as you can so you can keep using your Awakening Skills whenever it is off cooldown.

Fortunately, Awakening Chaos Shards are fairly attainable in Lost Ark. Head for the nearest General Merchant NPC, trade with your friends, or check out the Auction House to get Awakening Chaos Shards in Lost Ark.

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