Locations of Kharmine’s Lair Mokoko Seeds

Where is Kharmine’s Lair?

You can find Kharmine’s Lair in the Erebos Ocean between the Shadow Sea and the Sea of Heavens. You can find Kharmine’s Lair faster using the World Map search bar. Type in Kharmine’s Lair in the search bar, and the World Map should automatically pinpoint the island’s location.

There is one Island Soul and three Mokoko Seeds on Kharmine’s Lair. The Recommended Item Level on the island is 460, but you can visit the island anytime.

Kharmine’s Lair Mokoko Seeds

There are three Mokoko Seeds on Kharmine’s Lair. Unlike other Mokoko Seeds on other islands in the game, you can find all three Mokoko Seeds on Kharmine’s Lair in the open. You won’t need to complete challenges or use special Sheet Music to locate all three seeds on the island.

You can find the first Mokoko Seed behind a rocky wall on the North side of the island.

Mokoko Seed #2 can be found in shallow water by the beach.

You can find Mokoko Seed #3 in a bush next to a large rock in the Southern part of the island.

Is it important to collect Mokoko Seeds?

Mokoko Seeds are not important in Lost Ark. You don’t have to collect Mokoko Seeds to finish Lost Ark’s campaign, and it isn’t a requirement for the endgame as well. The easter egg-esque challenge is simply a side quest you can complete in your free time in-game.

Nevertheless, various rewards await players who collect the Mokoko Seeds in the game. Some notable rewards include Stat-boost potions, Stronghold Application Forms, Ship Blueprints, and various Cards.

Where do I claim Mokoko Seeds?

You can claim Mokoko Seed rewards in Mokoko Village. Look for the Village Chief Totoma to claim Mokoko Seed rewards.

You need to collect a specific number of Mokoko Seeds to claim Mokoko Seed rewards from Totoma. Rewards start at 50 Mokoko Seeds collected, and you can check back at intervals of 50 collected Mokoko Seeds to claim the next rewards.


Kharmine’s Lair’s Mokoko Seeds are very easy to find and collect. The only real challenge is navigating and surviving the Dead Waters to get to the island, so make sure you make a quick stop at the nearest port before you set sail for Kharmine’s Lair.

Once you’re on the island, however, finding all three Mokoko Seeds should be a piece of cake. Refer to the guide above to find all three Mokoko Seeds on Kharmine’s Lair.

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