How to Start the Kadan Quest in Lost Ark

Who is Kadan in Lost Ark?

Kadan is a side character in Lost Ark, known as the first Guardian Slayer and wielder of the legendary sword Navinos. Kadan is also known by many other names, such as Sidereal Kadan, The First Guardian Slayer, The Savior Who Defeated the Chaos Guardian, and more.

Among all the names he has been called, however, Kadan is best known as the Guardian Slayer – the powerful hero who killed Kaishuter, the Hellfire Annihilator, in a single swing. Kadan was also the only person powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Demon Commander Thaemine 500 years ago in Kayangel, in what Nineveh refers to as ‘the fiercest battle she has ever seen.’

Kadan will assist you until the end of the Elgacia Arc. In the final battle against Lauriel, Kadan showed no trouble dealing with the Sidereal’s powered-up form, taking him on blow for blow.

How to start the Kadan Quest

The Kadan Quest, also known as The Quest for Kadan, is a main storyline quest that you can only start after you complete the following quests:

  • Complete the Feiton Questline
  • Complete the quest “Let There Be Light” Questline in Yorn.
  • Complete the “Start of Our Story” Questline in Whispering Islet
  • Complete the “End of the Trials” Questline in Illusion Bamboo Island
  • Reach Level 50 and Item Level 1,100

After you have completed the prerequisites above, head to the eastern corner of Harmony Plaza in Vern Castle. Look for the NPC named Sebastian to start the purple quest “The Quest for Kadan”.

How to get the Kadan Card in Lost Ark

You could only get the Kadan Card as an RNG pickup from random card packs in the game. However, after you complete the Kadan Questline, a new Una’s Daily Task called “Peering into Chaos” will become available.

Complete the Peering Into Chaos Una’s Task enough times until you get Reputation 2 in Una’s Task. You should get a letter as an award for reaching the 2nd Reputation in the Peering Into Chaos Una’s Task. The letter will contain a hidden quest that you can complete to get the Kadan Card.

Who are the Lazeniths in Lost Ark?

Lazeniths are a race created by Procyon, the God of Honor, but when the Lazeniths stole away the Ark, they were banished forever by the God of Order, Regulus, in a ‘bird cage’ known as Elgacia.

There are three Lazeniths in Lost Ark: Beatrice, Nineveh, and Allegro. It is unknown whether there are other Lazeniths in the game other than the three already mentioned.


Kadan is a powerful character who possesses godlike power and a legendary sword called Navinos, which gives him the ability to kill Guardians and other powerful characters in Lost Ark with ease. You will soon journey to Eglacia with the legendary hero. However, you first need to unlock the Kadan Quest by completing the prerequisite Questlines as mentioned above.

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