How to Get the Serenade of Love in Lost Ark

What is the Serenade of Love?

The Serenade of Love is one of sixteen Sheet Music you can collect in Lost Ark. It is a romantic serenade passed down among the bards of Arkesia and is a popular song played for loved ones for ages.

You will need Sheet Music to complete quests and Rapport with other NPCs in the game. Other Sheet Music in the game allows you to quickly leave dungeons and islands, such as the Song of Escape, while others allow you to teleport to specific areas around the game, such as the Song of Hearth and Home and Song of Return.

How to Get the Serenade of Love

You can get the Serenade of Love by completing the Roster Quest called Relationship Guru from NPC Mark. You can find the quest Relationship Guru on Liebeheim, then talk to NPC Mark to start the quest.

Before you can start the Relationship Guru quest, however, you must first complete a number of prerequisites.

  • Reach Level 50
  • Complete the entire North Vern quest Ealyn’s Gift and acquire your ship.
  • Sail to Liebeheim Island and talk to Zenri to start The Light of Love quest.
  • Talk to Handsome Ronald then talk to women on the island.
  • Sail to Frozen Sea in Shushire then talk to the experts in the area
  • Save the villagers from robbers
  • Travel to Liebeheim and talk to Mark to start the Relationship Guru quest
  • Sail to Runaways Island and find Nova
  • Talk to Nova and take the letter to Zenri in Liebeheim
  • Talk to Zenri in Liebeheim to get the quest rewards, which include Silver, chests, and the Serenade of Love

How to use the Serenade of Love in Lost Ark

You can use the Serenade of Love by bringing up the Sheet Music menu in-game. Press F2 on your keyboard to open the Sheet Music menu, then scroll through the list and look for the Serenade of Love. Click on the Serenade of Love then click on the Play button at the bottom of the menu to use the Sheet Music in-game.

Alternatively, you can also click on the Adventure button in the bottom right corner of the screen and then click on “Sheet Music” to bring up the Sheet Music menu. You can also register any Sheet Music to a Quickslot for easier access. Drag the Sheet Music of your choice from the Sheet Music menu, then drop the Sheet Music to an empty Quickslot.

It is worth noting that all Sheet Music will have a cooldown, so make sure you do not use Sheet Music for no reason, or you might have to wait a long time to use the same Sheet Music in the game.


You need to sail to various islands, talk to various NPCs, and complete multiple quests to get the Serenade of Love in Lost Ark. Check the prerequisite list we have outlined above and make sure you check off each one so you can start the Relationship Guru quest and receive the Serenade of Love as a reward from Zenri.

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