How to Get the Sway Emote in Lost Ark

What is the Sway Emote?

The Sway Emote is 1 of 32 Emotes you can acquire and collect in Lost Ark. Emotes are unique animations that you can use to convey various emotions, reactions, and actions in Lost Ark.

Sway gives your character the ability to dance the cha-cha dance style in-game. You can even use the Sway Emote with other players and start a synchronized mob dance in most areas of the game.

How to get the Sway Emote

You can get the Sway Emote by completing the Becoming an Idol Quest on Peyto Island. Sail to Peyto, then look for the NPC Danidani on the main deck to start the quest.

You will need the Cheer Emote to complete this quest, as it starts with you cheering for Danidani using the Cheer Emote. The Clap Emote is also a requirement for this quest since you’ll need to applaud the Mokokos for their performance.

After you Cheer and Clap to the Mokokos, look for Producer Hermes near a table on the right side of the stage. Talk to him and accept his invitation for an audition, where you will use the Dance Emote within the orange circle to complete Producer Hermes’ request.

When you complete the Dance, talk to Producer Hermes again to complete the Becoming an Idol quest and receive various rewards, including the Emote: Sway book.

How to use the Sway Emote

You can use the Sway Emote by bringing up the Emotes menu in Lost Ark. Press the Y or Z button on your keyboard to bring up the Emotes menu. Scroll down until you find the Sway Emote, then click on it to use the Emote.

Alternatively, you can activate the Sway Emote and any other Emotes in the game through the Normal Chatbox—type/sway to use the Sway Emote on the fly.

Where do I buy Emotes in Lost Ark?

You can only buy four of the thirty-two Emotes in Lost Ark. Emotes you can buy include the Roar Emote, Taunt Emote, Laugh Emote, and Cute Emote.

Head to Freedom Isle and talk to Blackfang to purchase the Roar and Taunt Emotes for 3,360 Gienah’s Coins each. On the other hand, you can buy the Laugh Emote from Naptha in Flowering Orchard in East Luterra for 6,000 Silver and the Cute Emote from Yurei in Peyto Island for 5,000 Silver.


Getting the Sway Emote is easy since you only need to go to Peyto and use the Cheer, Applaud, and Dance Emotes to complete the Becoming an Idol quest. After you complete the Becoming an Idol quest, you will receive the Emote: Sway, which you can then use to add the Sway Emote to your Emotes list in Lost Ark.

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