How to Get the Shangra Island Token in Lost Ark

Where is Shangra Island?

You can find Shangra Island in one of three possible locations on the map – Southeast of Vern Castle, North Annika, and Northwest of North Vern.

A whirlpool should show up on the map 10 minutes before the island spawns. Check the event window to know the exact spawn time for Shangra Island, then use the Search function on the World Map windows to pinpoint Shangra Island’s location as soon as the event goes live.

How to get the Shangra Island Token

You can get the Shangra Island Token by collecting 5,600 Firm Peach and using those to get the Thousand-year-old Tree Bud. Once you have the Thousand-year-old Tree Bud, head for the Firm Peach Tree on the Island and use the Thousand-year-old Tree Bud to get the Shangra Island Token.

While the Island Token acquisition method sounds simple, you have to keep in mind that you can only get up to 120 Firm Peach per day, which means you’ll need around 47 days to get enough Firm Peach to get the Thousand-year-old Tree Bud.

How to get Firm Peach in Lost Ark?

You can get Firm Peaches by completing the repeatable chain Quests on Shangra Island daily. These Quests are:

  • They Grow Every Day (x50 Firm Peach)
  • A Visitor to the Ladies’ Hot Spring (x30 Firm Peach)
  • Waterfall Training (x20 Firm Peach)
  • The Sacred Deer (complete They Grow Every Day twice) (x20 Firm Peach)

Alternatively, you can also head toward the Northern part of the map and use the Song of Spring to destroy a large golden peach and get x50 Firm Peaches. However, this will require you to work with other players as this is a cooperative quest.

Shangra Island Rewards

Aside from the Shangra Island Token, the following rewards await on Shangra Island:

  • Shangra Island Token
  • Vitality Increase Potion
  • Emote: Spirit Recovery
  • Emote: Levitate
  • x6 Uncommon Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive)
  • x4 Rare Engraving Recipe Chest (Class Exclusive)
  • x12 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
  • x3 Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
  • x4 Epic Rapport Chest
  • x4 Creation Fragment
  • +1 Kindness
  • +3 Wisdom


Acquiring the Shangra Island Token is more time-consuming than it is difficult. The only challenges in acquiring the Shangra Island Token include finding the Island on the map and collecting enough Firm Peaches to get the Thousand-year-old Tree Bud.

Even if you do the bare minimum on the island daily, you should be able to get the Shangra Island Token in around 47 days.

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