How to Get the Tooki Island Token in Lost Ark

Where is Tooki Island?

On most islands in Lost Ark, you can just set your marker and sail for the island location on the map. Tooki Island, however, is a limited-time island that only shows up for ten minutes at a time in-game.

Tooki Island can spawn in one of four locations on the map. While the island can pop up multiple times daily, you need to find the island’s location as soon as it spawns so you can enter the island.

Look for a glowing vortex in any of the four locations marked below to find Tooki Island in Lost Ark. Alternatively, check the Area Chat for notifications from other players. Typically, players will give out alerts on Tooki Island’s whereabouts whenever it spawns in-game.

Lastly, you can try to find the event faster by using the World Map Search Bar when the event is active. Type in ‘Tooki Island’ in the search bar, and the map will highlight Tooki Island’s current location on the map.

How to get the Tooki Island Token

You can get the Tooki Island Token in Lost Ark as a drop from defeating Invincible King Tooki. However, you need to complete some challenges first before you can take on King Tooki.

As soon as you land on the island, you need to find Tooki Tooki Treasures around the island. Ideally, you need to have other players collecting the same item as well, as you need to get 100 Tooki Tooki Treasures to complete the first challenge.

After you and other players successfully collect the Tooki Tooki Treasures, a second quest called Invincible King Tooki will become available. You will then need to defeat 101 Tooki enemies around the island to spawn the island boss King Tooki.

Lastly, Defeat King Tooki to get the Tooki Island Token in Lost Ark.

Does every island have a token in Lost Ark?

No, not every island in Lost Ark will have an Island Token. There are around 90 Island Tokens versus over 100 Islands in Lost Ark, which means you won’t find a Token on every island in the game.

However, most islands in the game will have an Island Token that you can collect after completing a series of challenges. Collect as many Island Tokens as you can and exchange them for rewards at Opher on the Lonely Island.

What is the smallest Island in Lost Ark?

Little Luck Island is one of, if not the smallest island in Lost Ark. You can find Little Luck Island just below North Vern and just above Yudia. Look for a Whirlpool icon on the map near East Luterra to find Little Luck Island.

Despite being one of the smallest islands in the game, you will still find an Island Token on Little Luck Island. Purchase the Chest of Little Luck for 100 Pirate Coins from Merchant Erin and hope the chest contains the Little Luck Island Token.


The Tooki Island Token shouldn’t be too difficult to acquire, as lots of other players will try to get the Island Token as well. Just keep an eye out on the map or use the World Map Search function to find Tooki Island as quickly as possible.

Once you’re on the Island, work with other players to collect Tooki Treasures, defeat Tooki enemies, and take down Tooki King to get the Tooki Island Token.

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