How to Get the Unknown Island Token in Lost Ark

Where is Unknown Island?

You can find Unknown Island towards the Northwest of South Vern or Southwest of Shushire. Check the open sea toward the Northwestern part of the World Map to find Unknown Island.

If you’re still having trouble finding Unknown Island on the World Map, you can use the World Map search function to find the Island. Type in ‘Unknown Island’ on the search bar, and the World Map will highlight the Island’s location.

You can sail to Unknown Island anytime, but you can only dock on the island when the Island Event is active. Here are the Admission Times for Unknown Island:

  • 12:20 AM
  • 4:20 AM
  • 10:20 AM
  • 1:20 PM
  • 4:20 PM
  • 10:20 PM

Like most Islands in Lost Ark, you will find an Island Token (Island Soul) and a few Mokoko Seeds on Unknown Island.

What do you do on Unknown Island in Lost Ark?

Aside from collecting the Island Token and the handful of Mokoko Seeds on the Island, there isn’t much else to do on Unknown Island.

The Island Token is an RNG drop from the Island Boss, whose spawn location randomizes between four spawn points, which means you will likely visit the Island often until you get your hands on the Island Token.

The path toward the Island Boss is random each time you visit the Island and there are three possible paths toward the Boss.

How to Get the Unknown Island Token

Getting the Unknown Island Token is no simple task – you need to defeat a very durable Island Boss to complete the A Veiled Entitiy Quest and hope the Island Token drops for you.

The drop rates for the Island Token are random, so you will likely visit the island a few times before you can finally get your hands on the Island Token.

The Island Boss will be marked on the map with a red Area Boss icon. However, the path leading to the boss will not be marked on the map, which means you’ll have to find your way through multiple enemies on the island before you finally get to the Boss.

When you finally find the boss, slay it and hope the Unknown Island Token drops. Ideally, you will want to take on the A Veiled Entity Quest with the help of other players as the Beast King of Darkness will have 15 health bars each consisting of around 24 million HP.

It is worth mentioning that A Veiled Entity also has a 30-minute time limit. You have to find the boss quickly on the Island and defeat it before the timer runs out or you’ll fail the quest, forcing you to return to the Island, find the right path, and kill the boss again at a later time. Rinse and repeat until you get the Unknown Island Token.

Can you do Unknown Island more than once a day?

No, you can’t do Unknown Island more than once a day in Lost Ark. You can visit Unknown Island once a day like other Adventure Islands.

The ability to return to the island and repeat the Island Quest is important since you can only get the Island Token by defeating the Island Boss. As mentioned above, the paths leading to the boss and its current location on the island are random each time you visit the island.

The Island Token is an RNG drop from the boss, and there is no way to know how many times you’ll have to visit Unknown Island before you finally get your hands on the Island Token.


Unknown Island presents a very interesting challenge for adventurers seeking to acquire the island’s Island Token. You do not need to meet extensive prerequisites to get the Island Token, but you need to solve a puzzle on the island each time you visit it to find the Island Boss.

Follow the guide above to get a good idea about the four possible paths so you can complete the boss challenge as quickly as possible and hopefully acquire the Island Token.

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