How to Unlock the Song of Starlight in Lost Ark

What is the Song of Starlight?

The Song of Starlight is one of 16 Sheet Music you can collect in Lost Ark. Songs serve various purposes throughout the game, making them beneficial tools to your journey in Arkesia.

You will use the Song of Starlight to complete various objectives in Quests around the game. You will need the Song of Starlight to complete sidequests in Yorn, for example, and Rapport with NPCs such as Beatrice.

How to unlock the Song of Starlight

Before you can unlock the Song of Starlight, you will need to reach Level 35 and have 3,300 Gienah’s Coins. You also need to complete the following quests before you can land on Starlight Isle.

  • Finding Eileen’s Soul
  • Favreau and Eileen
  • Your Traces
  • For The Lost Soul
  • The Soul Left in X-301
  • The Pianist of the Lonely Lighthouse
  • A Lighthouse for the Soul
  • Under the Starlight Lighthouse
  • Starkeeper’s Records

Once you’re on Starlight Isle, all that’s left is to complete the Starlight Melody quest, which will grant you access to the Starlight Isle Lighthouse, where you will find an NPC named Favreau. Interact with Favreau and purchase the Song of Starlight from him for 3,300 Gienah’s Coins.

How to use the Song of Starlight

To use the Song of Starlight, press F2 on your keyboard to bring up the Sheet Music Menu. After which, scroll down the list of songs to find the Song of Starlight, then right-click on the song to use it.

You can use the Song of Starlight whenever you want. Play the Song of Starlight to complete various objectives around the game, or play it to hear the calming tunes from this Sheet Music in Lost Ark.

What are the important songs in Lost Ark?

All songs are important in Lost Ark. Songs are a vital part of your adventure around Arkesia and serve various purposes such as unlocking hidden passageways, finding hidden collectibles, and even teleporting to the nearest safe zone.

With that said, the most important songs in Lost Ark are arguably The Song of Escape and Song of Return. The former lets you escape dungeons instantly while the latter lets you teleport back to a city from basically anywhere on the map.

The Song of Resonance is also quite important, as you will need it to unlock hidden passages and to reveal hidden locations in the game.


You will need the Song of Starlight to complete sidequests and other objectives as you progress through Lost Ark’s storyline. It is important to unlock and acquire the Song of Starlight as soon as you can, so you can complete mission objectives around the game seamlessly.

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