How to Get the Spida Island Soul in Lost Ark

Where is Spida Island?

You can find Spida Island North of the Vern Continent in Lost Ark. Bring up the World Map and look toward the area North East of Vern Castle. If you’re still having trouble finding Spida Island, type in ‘Spida Island’ in the World Map search bar and the World Map will highlight the island for you.

Spida Island is only available for a limited time daily. Check the Event Alarms Menu to get a good idea of Spida Island spawn times.

Spida Island is one of 90+ islands in Lost Ark that carry an Island Soul. Aside from the Spida Island Soul, you can also get 5 Mokoko Seeds on the island.

How to get the Spida Island Soul

On paper, getting the Spida Island Soul is a straightforward affair – destroy the giant egg on the island to spawn the Field Boss Kagros and defeat him to get a chance at acquiring the Spida Island Soul.

Unfortunately, like most Island Souls in Lost Ark, the Spida Island Soul is an RNG drop from the island boss, which means you might have to come back a few more times and defeat Kagrons to get the Spida Island Soul.

And then there’s the issue of breaking the giant egg, where you need to use a Level 30 Trade Skill in Mining Bombs. You can break the giant egg using the Level 1 Mining Skill Pickaxing but that will take more than 15 minutes to complete.

What does the mining bomb do?

The Mining Bomb is a Level 30 Active Mining Ability that you can use to instantly destroy nearby Ore veins. Mining Bombs work much faster than Pickaxing and are much more efficient at dropping multiple Ore veins at once. You can even hit multiple Ore veins at once by placing Mining Bombs strategically between multiple Ore veins.

Mining Bomb will come in handy in several important instances in Lost Ark. You will need it to get one of the Mokoko Seeds on Promise Isle and you will want to have it when trying to break open the giant egg on Spida Island.

Can you get the Spida Island Soul without a mining bomb?

Yes, you can get the Spida Island Soul without a Mining Bomb. You can use Pickaxing or any other Mining Trade Skill to destroy the egg, with the only difference being the time it takes to break the egg.

Using a Mining Bomb will be the fastest way. However, you will need Mining Level 30 to get that Trade Skill. You can use basic Mining Skills such as Pickaxing to manually break open the egg but be prepared to wait around 15 minutes before the egg breaks open for you.


The Spida Island Soul is one of the easiest Island Souls to get in Lost Ark. Spida Island is relatively easy to get to once you have unlocked the ability to set sail and the Island Soul acquisition process is simple enough as well.

Just be ready to come back and defeat the Field Boss a few more times since the Island Soul is an RNG drop, and make sure you have Mining Bombs unlocked to speed up the process even further.

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