How to Use the Picnic Basket in Lost Ark

What is a Picnic Basket in Lost Ark?

A Picnic Basket is a Co-op Quest item that is rewarded to you for participating in Co-op Quests on Gesbroy Island. You must collect these Picnic Baskets for the Una’s Task called ‘A Great Beer Snack.’

Picnic Baskets do not provide any buffs or bonuses to your character as they are simply quest items that you need to acquire and give to the NPC Fryturr. You can get Picnic Baskets from The Secret of the Beer series of co-op quests.

How do you get Picnic Baskets in Lost Ark?

You can get Picnic Baskets for completing co-op quests on Gesbroy Island. The three quests on the island will give you 5 Picnic Baskets each for a total of 15 after you complete all three quests.

  • The Secret of the Sweet Beer – all players on the island must collect 300 Honey within 10 minutes.
  • The Secret of the Clean Beer – all players on the island must transport 50 barrels of Spring Water within 20 minutes.
  • The Secret of the Savory Beer – players must work together to knead the Wheat within 15 minutes.

How to use Picnic Baskets

You can’t use Picnic Baskets on their own as they do not serve any active purpose in Lost Ark. With that said, you must turn in all the Picnic Baskets you have collected to Fryturr on Gesbroy Island to progress in the Una’s Task called A Great Beer Snack.

Lost Ark features a handful of items that serve little to no purpose such as The Book of Demons and the Radiant Zagoras Crystal. The Picnic Basket is almost as useless as these two items if not for the Una’s Task on Gesbroy.

Where is Gesbroy Island?

You can find Gesbroy Island between the Arutus Sea and Great Sea West of Punika and East of Yorn’s Cradle. You can find the island faster by using the World Map search function. Type in ‘Gesbroy’ in the search bar and the World Map will highlight the island’s location for you.

Most islands in Lost Ark will carry an Island Soul and some Mokoko Seeds, and Gesbroy is no exception. You can get the Gesbroy Island Token on Gesbroy Island and there are 9 Mokoko Seeds to collect on the island as well.


Lost Ark has numerous items that serve obscure purposes such as The Book of Demons, leaving players scratching their heads as they try to figure out where to use the item they just picked up.

Fortunately, Picnic Baskets are a little more straightforward in its purpose. Collect Picnic Baskets by completing quests on Gesbroy Island then look for Fryturr to turn them in and complete the ‘A Great Beer Snack’ Una’s Task.

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