Locations of All Giant Mushroom Island Mokoko Seeds

How do you get to Giant Mushroom Island?

You can get to Giant Mushroom Island as soon as you unlock the ability to sail in Lost Ark. Once you have your ship, set sail towards the open sea West of Tortork, and you should easily spot Giant Mushroom Island in the area.

You can get there seamlessly by using your ship’s autopilot feature. You can do this by right-clicking on a specific spot on the World Map while you’re out at sea. Your ship should automatically start sailing for Giant Mushroom Island.

Where are the Mokoko Seeds on Giant Mushroom Island?

There are four Mokoko Seeds on Giant Mushroom Island. Refer to the picture below to find all four Mokoko Seeds on the island.

  • You can find the first Mokoko Seed in the open area in the Southernmost part of the island.

  • Head to the Northeastern part of the island to find the second Mokoko Seed.


  • Lastly, head toward the Northwestern part of the island and walk through the small entrance to find the last two Mokoko Seeds.

How do you pick up Mokoko Seeds?

Right-click on Mokoko Seeds to pick them up. Keep in mind that there is a short channeling duration when you pick up Mokoko Seeds, so make sure you clear enemies in the area first.

Picking up Mokoko Seeds is the easy part, the real challenge is finding the Mokoko Seeds. While some Mokoko Seeds are just sitting in the open, others are hidden areas in secret areas that require the use of Trade Skills or Sheet Music. Some Mokoko Seeds, such as the Gesbroy Mokoko Seeds even require you to activate specific buffs to access secret areas.

Is it important to collect Mokoko Seeds?

You do not have to collect Mokoko Seeds to enjoy Lost Ark. Mokoko Seeds are simply Smile Gate’s version of an easter egg hunt to give players something to strive for in-game. Nevertheless, collecting Mokoko Seeds can be well worth your time as you can get various loot for collecting Mokoko Seeds.

Some of the loot that you can only get through Mokoko Seed rewards include Stat Potions, Crew Application Forms, and Ship Blueprints. Head to Mokoko Village and talk to Mokoko Village Chief Mokamoka to claim Mokoko Seed rewards.


The Giant Mushroom Island Mokoko Seeds are relatively easy to acquire as half of the seeds on the island can be found in the open. To get the rest of the Mokoko Seeds, you need to use Red Cashew Juice to shrink in size and enter the secret area.

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