How to Play the Summoner in Lost Ark

Is there a Summoner in Lost Ark?

Yes, there is a Summoner Class in Lost Ark. It is one of the most recently added Classes in Lost Ark that belongs to the Mage archetype and is a class that utilizes Elemental spells and summons to inflict DPS and other status effects.

The Summoner’s summons allows her to stay in the back lines and inflict damage using her other Elemental AoE skills that can also slow or stagger enemies for a few seconds at a time.

Is the Summoner Class good in Lost Ark?

The Summoner Class is a good Class in Lost Ark that can deal a ton of Elemental AoE damage. Some of the Summoner’s abilities can also slow and stagger enemies, making it a very versatile class that can bring more value to her allies in PvE and PvP.

The Summoner’s pièce de résistance is her ability to conjure powerful Elemental Summons, each dealing varied amounts of damage and other status effects.

The only downside to the Summoner Class is their relatively low HP pool which isn’t helped by their lack of mobility. As such, the Summoner is a class that requires thoughtful positioning and decent micro skills to play optimally.

Is the Summoner Class a good class for PvP in Lost Ark?

No. The Summoner is generally a very squishy class that requires flawless positioning and good positional awareness to play properly in PvP.

The Summoner’s squishy nature and lack of mobility skills make the Class an easy target in PvP against fast melee enemies such as Scrappers, Deathblades, and Gunslingers. Nevertheless, if you can keep a good distance from your enemies in PvP and communicate with your team, you can deal tons of damage for your team through the Summoner’s AoE skills and summons.

How to play the Summoner in Lost Ark

Alongside your other AoE Elemental skills, you can also summon 1 or 5 different summons whenever your Identity Skill is up.

  • Osh: Summon an ancient colossus that leaves a trail in the selected area with a radius of 12m. Enemies caught in the center will receive 2210 damage while those closer to the edge will receive 1473 damage. All enemies affected will be knocked down.
  • Alimaji: Smoon Margul the ancient dragon to inflict 4790 Earth damage and knock enemies up.
  • Phoenix: Summon an elemental Phoenix that inflicts 3737 magical damage and knocks enemies back. Enemies affected will be set on fire for 5 seconds.
  • Jahia & Ligheas: Summon two Khorgabrud, keeper of the silver keys, and create a maelstrom around the caster. Inflicts 7607 Ice damage. The whirlpool will then freeze and inflict an additional 3752 Ice damage.
  • Akir: Summon a powerful spirit that covers an area of 14m. After accumulating energy, the spirit will inflict 8409 Lightning damage to surrounding enemies. The initial lightning damage will cause a powerful electric discharge that deals 5600 Lightning damage.

You can control your summons’ movement and Attack by pressing the SHIFT button and moving your cursor toward your target. This should allow you greater control over which enemy units you want to concentrate your DPS on. Alternatively, you can just let your summons Attack enemies automatically.

Your ultimate goal when playing as a Summoner is to deal tons of damage from the back lines through your AoE skills and summons. Your summons will hold the front lines for you and allow you to stay back and focus on dealing as much damage to enemies from the rear.

You should avoid taking damage when playing the Summoner because the Summoner does not have a ton of HP to begin with. In addition, the Summoner Class does not have any heals or shields that can help it deal with incoming damage from bosses in PvE and other enemies in PvP, making it a class that’s very reliant on good positioning.


The Summoner class is a very good Mage class that can easily keep up with the Bard and the Sorceress when it comes to dealing massive AoE damage to enemies in Lost Ark. Where the Summoner differentiates itself is through its use of controllable summons that can deal even more damage to enemies.

With that said, like the Bard and Sorceress, you need to pay close attention to your positioning in PvE and PvP so you don’t take unnecessary damage in battle. The Summon does not have a lot of HP to play with, so it’s best you leave the front lines to your teammates or your summons and just focus on dishing out AoE damage from the rear.

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