How to Get Secret Maps in Lost Ark?

What are Secret Maps for in Lost Ark?

Secret Maps are essential keys that will reveal Secret Dungeons in Lost Ark. Secret Dungeons are randomly placed dungeons in Lost Ark that players can enter and complete to get valuable loot.

There are three different tiers for Secret Maps in Lost Ark – Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each tier will give out an appropriate amount of loot after completing their associated dungeon runs.

You can exchange several Secret Maps to get a higher-tier Secret Map through the Exchange Map NPC in Vern Castle or Luterra Castle.

How to get Secret Maps in Lost Ark?

Secret Maps can be acquired randomly by simply beating bosses, completing Dungeons, or defeating random enemies in the game. You can also get several maps by completing side quests around the Rethremis area in Lost Ark.

The type of Secret Map you can get from drops is completely random. You can get a Rare, Epic, or Legendary Map, where the rarer maps feature more rewards after completing their associated dungeon runs.

Chaos Gate runs are also a source of Secret Maps in Lost Ark. However, Chaos Gates is only open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and you can only receive rewards once per roster per day.

How do you find a Secret Dungeon in Lost Ark?

Open your inventory then access the Secret Map of your choice to bring up a small scroll showing the approximate location of the Secret Dungeon.

Secret Maps can be used to reveal the approximate location of a Secret Dungeon in Lost Ark. The maps show a small area only, which means you will need to have both the Secret Map scroll and your mini-map to get a good idea about the exact location of the Secret Dungeon.

As soon as you’re in the exact spot marked in the Secret Map scroll, press the interaction button (G) to enter the dungeon. Once inside, beat the boss to get random rewards such as gear and XP.

What is the value of the Legendary Map in Lost Ark?

The rarest and most valuable maps in the game are Legendary Maps. Legendary Maps have a value of at least 6x that of the Blue Map (Rare Secret Maps) and are guaranteed to drop Porch, Starbreaths, and most importantly, Engraving Books.

Unlike Rare or Epic Maps, Legendary Map locations can sometimes show up as an upside-down image, which makes Legendary Secret Dungeons much harder to find than Rare or Epic Secret Dungeons.


Secret Maps unlock Secret Dungeons that you can complete to get Harmony, Life, or Honor Shard Pouches of varying sizes. Aside from Shards, a slew of Honing materials are also up for grabs, which makes Secret Maps an essential part of your endgame grind.

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