Mount Speeds in Lost Ark

Do mounts in Lost Ark have different speeds?

Previously, some Mounts in Lost Ark will have faster speeds than others. This was especially more prevalent in the KR/EU servers where store-bought Mounts featured faster speeds than Mounts acquired through quests and other means.

However, Mount speeds have since been equalized to minimize the Mount Speed differences between every type of Mount in Lost Ark. Right now, Mounts have a base speed of 420 for Normal Mounts and 450 for Legendary/Relic Mounts.

Other than the small differences in Mount Speeds, another differentiating factor between Mounts right now other than visuals are their jump/dodge animations, which can help Mounts move even faster for a brief moment in-game.

Are shop-bought mounts faster in Lost Ark?

In earlier versions of the game, shop-bought Legendary Mounts featured fasters speeds than the horse and other Mounts obtained through quests. However, the speed differences between Mounts have since been normalized, which means all Mounts now have very similar speeds of 420 or 450 in Lost Ark.

With that said, some players have expressed their disappointment in some Mounts, such as the Turtle, which, on paper, should have a similar Mount Speed as other Mounts, but is visibly slower than other Mounts when running side-by-side in-game.

What are the fastest mounts in Lost Ark?

Legendary Mounts are the fastest Mounts in Lost Ark. Normal Mounts will have a typical speed of 420, while Legendary/Relic Mounts will move a tad faster with a speed rating of 450.

Some Mounts can cover more ground faster than others through bonus abilities. The Cerberus, for example, can cover more ground faster thanks to its double-leap ability, while the Chamkuris have a special sprint ability that boosts its Mount Speed beyond the base 420 for a few seconds.

Lost Ark Mount Speeds

Relic/Legendary Mounts (450 Mount Speed)

  • Elemental Horse Eldine
  • Aqua Narni
  • Auf Shuten – B
  • Auf Shuten – C
  • Auf Shuten – G
  • Auf Shuten – R
  • Auf Shuten – S
  • Auf Shuten – Y
  • Berry Chamkuri
  • Blossom Unicorn Float
  • Blurt
  • Bronze Naruni
  • Chaos Ghost Horse
  • Chief Mingo
  • Cold Rollysnow
  • Cold White Cloud
  • Cool-Headed Chamkuri
  • Corruption Ghost Horse
  • Craft
  • Dark Naruni
  • Dawn Pumpkin Wagon
  • Dawn Unicorn Float
  • Dyorika Warhorse
  • Elemetal Horse Kelpion
  • Erste Liebe
  • Feisty Chamkuri
  • Festive Rollysnow
  • Flashing Black Cloud
  • Fluffy Chamkuri
  • Funmingo
  • Gold Combat Wolf
  • Golden Naruni
  • Gold Rhinoceros Beetle
  • Golden Sawtooth Turtle
  • Golden Terpeion
  • Graceful Chamkuri
  • Gracious Chamkuri
  • Hatred Ghost Horse
  • Intrepid Chamkuri
  • Kiwi Chamkuri
  • Leaping Chamkuri
  • Lost Ark Bubble
  • Mango Chamkuri
  • Mirror Ball Bubble
  • Neugier
  • Night Pumpkin Wagon
  • Night Unicorn Float
  • Peach Chamkuri
  • Pinata (Blue)
  • Pinata (Green)
  • Pinata (Pink)
  • Pinata (White)
  • Pinata (Yellow)
  • Pinata (Purple)
  • Pinata (Orange)
  • Radiant Golden Cloud
  • Rage Ghost Horse
  • Rainbow Bubble
  • Rose Bubble
  • Sea Unicorn Float
  • Silver Combat Raptor
  • Silver Naruni
  • Sinful Ghost Horse
  • Snow Bike – B
  • Snow Bike – G
  • Snow Bike – R
  • Snow Bubble
  • Snowflake Reindeer
  • Snowflake Rollysnow
  • Soaring Chamkuri
  • Soda Chamkuri
  • Splendid Rollysnow
  • Steife Brise – B
  • Steife Brise – G
  • Steife Brise – P
  • Steife Brise – R
  • Steife Brise – Y
  • Summer Unicorn Float
  • Sunset Pumpkin
  • Sweet Rollysnow
  • Terpeion
  • Terpeion of the Shadow
  • Thunder Bubble Twilight Pumpkin Wagon
  • Unique Red Cloud
  • Vernese Elk
  • Winter Rollosnow
  • Yarmingo

Normal Mounts (420 Mount Speed)

  • Apostel
  • Flying Nimbus
  • Gold Moss Turtle
  • Ritter
  • Suite Room
  • Tamed Blue Moss Turtle
  • Tamed Red Wolf White Scarab Wild Blue Wolf
  • Wind Mane Mustang
  • Zagoras White Horse
  • Beats
  • Black Mane Wolf
  • Blauer Vogel
  • Borea Courser
  • Cloud Steed
  • Cotton Candy Chamkuri
  • Dawn Chamkuri
  • Fallen Leaves Chamkuri
  • Gellert
  • Grass Chamkuri
  • Gray Stripe Raptor
  • Red Mane Mustang
  • Red Mane Wolf
  • Red Moss Turtle
  • Shadow Wolf
  • Silver Mane Mustang
  • Wolf of Vanity
  • Blue Ladybug
  • Blue Moss Turtle
  • Dyorika Brown Horse
  • Frost Wolf
  • Green Moss Turtle
  • Loghill Black Horse
  • Red Ladybug
  • Yellow Ladybug
  • Yellow Moss Turtle
  • Yudia White Horse


Mounts Speeds aren’t too varied in Lost Ark, which means having any type of Mount is better than not having a Mount at all. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for only the fastest Mounts in the game, you’re going to want Relic/Legendary Mounts such as the Elemental Horse Eldine which features a base Mount Speed of 450 in-game.

The Cerberus and Chamkuri are Mounts that are worth mentioning as well, as both Mounts feature abilities that allow them to close the gap very quickly.

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