How to Play the Tower in Lost Ark

What is the Tower in Lost Ark?

The Tower is a solo-only endgame content in Lost Ark where you can climb through 50 floors in a single run. As you complete more floors in the Tower, you will face more powerful enemies and collect more valuable rewards as well.

There are two types of Towers available in Lost Ark right now – Shadespire Tower (Tier 1) and Fatespire Tower (Tier 2) Each Tower type will have 50 floors worth of challenges for you to complete but one will require a lower minimum Gear Score than the other.

How to unlock the Tower in Lost Ark?

The Tower is unlocked as soon as you reach Level 50 in Lost Ark. If you’re already at Level 50 in-game, you must complete the Public Announcement Tower guide the quest to start playing Tower content.

You can find the Tower in Luterra Castle and North Vern. The Tower will show up as a spiky tower with blue glowing chains wrapped around it.

How to play the Tower in Lost Ark

Upon entering the Tower for the first time in Lost Ark, you’ll have to start at the very first floor and complete a series of objectives within a time limit. Each floor will have a different set of enemies, rewards, and challenges, some floors even require you to use specific items such as grenades.

Tower battles are done over a small arena, which means you’ll need to have a few mobility skills so you can dodge enemy attacks and survive. With that said, classes that have above-average survivability and high-DPS AoE skills such as the Artillerist will do very well in the Tower.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have an item level of at least 302 to play the Shadespire Tower and 802 for the Fatespire tower. There are no ticket requirements and you can play the Tower as often as you like since there is no Daily Cap tied to Tower events.

After clearing floors in the Tower, you have the option of skipping to previously cleared floors instead of having to run through each floor one after the other all over again.

Tower Rewards

Initial Tower rewards include Engraving books, Rapport Chests, Mod Packs, Runes, Fragment Cards, and potions (stat boost or skill potions). The second time you clear the Tower, your character will receive upgrade materials such as Stone Fragments, Harmony Shards, Leapstones, and Ancient Platinum Coins.

Keep in mind that rewards between the Shadespire Tower and Fatespire Tower will differ from one another. Fatespire Tower rewards will be more valuable compared to Shadespire Tower rewards due to the higher Gear Score requirement and more challenging enemies found in the Tier 2 Tower.

Lastly, you can only collect rewards from each floor of the Tower once per character, which means Tower progress will not be shared between characters in Lost Ark, regardless if they belong to the same roster.


You can play the Tower as often as you like in Lost Ark since the activity does not have a daily cap limit, which means you can farm as many floors as you like and collect all the necessary upgrade materials for your character in Lost Ark.

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