The Most Fun Class in Lost Ark

What is the most fun Class in Lost Ark?

The most fun Class in Lost Ark will depend on your definition of the word ‘fun’. For example, some players will love playing Artillerist due to its powerful long-ranged abilities but others will hate the Class’ low mobility.

With that said, classes with the most flashy skills and involved gameplay are objectively the most fun Classes you can play in-game. The Sorceress’ powerful AoE skills that you can easily string into combos can be very satisfying and fun. Meanwhile, the Deathblade’s combo-centric gameplay and flashy melee skills also make it feel like a very fun Class in Lost Ark.

What is the least played Class in Lost Ark?

According to Gamerempire, the Wardancer is the least-played Class in Lost Ark with just a 2.83% pick rate share among other Advanced Classes in Lost Ark. The Wardancer is followed closely by the Scrapper and Deadeye with 3.11% and 3.43% pick rates, respectively.

The Martial Artist class is generally the least popular class in Lost Ark NA with just a 16.39% pick rate share versus the Gunner, Assassin, Mage, and Warrior Classes. Meanwhile, the Wardancer is the least popular Advanced Class under the Martial Artist Class, which is quite ironic, considering the Wardancer is a top-rated Class in KR.

Some players attribute the Wardancer’s low pick rate to its difficult gameplay and heavy reliance on gear score and enchantments.

What is the most played Class in Lost Ark?

The most played Class in Lost Ark right now is the Sorceress Class, which holds a healthy 12.23% pick rate versus every other Advanced Class in the game. Keep in mind, however, that this might not be the case in other servers as the most played Classes can vary greatly between servers in Lost Ark.

The Sorceress’ popularity can be attributed to the Class’ fairly easy gameplay and massive DPS potential regardless of the Tier you’re currently playing in. The Sorceress class also has some of the flashiest skills in Lost Ark with its amazing animations.

Which Lost Ark Class is best for solo?

The Berserker Class’ high damage, user-friendly abilities, and decent durability make it a very good solo Class in Lost Ark.

The Berserker has the highest damage potential of both its counterparts in the Paladin and the Gunlancer, making it a great Class for clearing mobs in PvE and dealing decent damage in PvP.


Lost Ark is not one of those typical MMORPGs that feature boring passive classes that stay in back lines while the rest of the team takes the brunt of the load. The devs have strived to give all classes decent amounts of front-line playability to give each one the ability to deal damage when needed.

With that said, you need to try all the Advanced Classes offered in Lost Ark first so you can decide for yourself which of the Advanced Classes available in-game is the most fun for you.

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