How To Get the Terpeion Mount in Lost Ark?

What is the Terpeion Mount in Lost Ark?

The Terpeion Mount is a type of Mount in Lost Ark that shares a close resemblance to a Pegasus. There are three variations to the Terpeion Mount in Lost Ark – Terpeion, Golden Terpeion, and Terpeion of the Shadow.

All three Terpeion Mounts belong to the Legendary class of Mounts in Lost Ark, which means they have a slightly faster Mount Speed of 450 versus the typical 420 that is found in Normal Mounts in the game.

Is the Terpeion Mount a good Mount in Lost Ark?

The Terpeion is a good Mount in Lost Ark that features stunning visuals and a faster than typical Mount Speed of 450.

The Terpeion features two vanity poses that show off its majestic visuals in Victory Pose and Rest. Back Kick is the Terpeion’s third ability where it does a back kick while standing still.

You can’t go wrong with the Terpeion in Lost Ark. Its higher-than-average movement speed coupled with its undeniably gorgeous looks make it a fast Mount that looks the part as well.

How to get the Terpeion Mount in Lost Ark?

You can only get the Terpeion through the Lost Ark Celebration Gift which was only available from February to March of 2022. By logging in daily for the special event, you can collect various rewards, and one of the rewards was the Mount Selection Chest.

The Mount Selection Chest gave players a choice between the Terpeion and the Terpeion of the Shadow Mount.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get the Terpeion Mount in Lost Ark right now, as it was only released as part of the launch celebration event that ran from February to March 2022. Terpeion Mounts are Unsellable as well, which means there’s no chance to find one in the Auction House.

What is the rarest Mount in Lost Ark?

The Cerberus is hands-down the rarest Mount in Lost Ark because you can no longer the Mount through regular means in-game.

The Cerberus Mount was only available as part of the Platinum Founder’s Pack that was available for a limited time in Lost Ark. Since only a few select players bought the Platinum Founder’s Pack, there’s also an equally limited number of Cerberus Mounts in Lost Ark, making it the rarest and most expensive Mounts in the game.

The Tepeion and its variants are also a pretty rare Mount since you can only get this Mount by participating in the Lost Ark launch event (Terpeion/Terpeion of the Shadow) and by completing your Adventurer’s Tome (Golden Terpeion).


The Terpeion’s rarity and stunning looks make it one of the most sought-after Mounts in the game. Unfortunately, you can no longer get the Terpeion Mount through regular means in Lost Ark, which means you’ll have to settle for other Mounts for now.

With that said, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find the perfect Mount in Lost Ark with over 160 different Mount variations to choose from in-game. However, a few Mounts stand out as truly exclusive Mounts, and the Terpeion is no exception.

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