How to Unlock Ranked PvP in Lost Ark

What is Ranked PvP?

Ranked PvP is one of many player-versus-player game modes in Lost Ark, alongside Normal Match, Co-op Battle, and Custom Game. As the name suggests, Ranked PvP is the competitive PvP game mode, where you can compete with other players for the top position on the PvP Leaderboards.

Ranked PvP is seasonal in Lost Ark, which means PvP rankings are only valid for a limited time. Typically, these seasons last around 6 months or more and can change at the devs’ discretion.

You can progress through 7 ranks in Ranked PvP, where the rank you earn depends on the bracket you end up in at the end of the season.

  • Bronze (1-1499)
  • Silver (1500-1699)
  • Gold (1700-1899)
  • Platinum (1900-2099)
  • Diamond (2100-99999)
  • Master (Top 200, 2300 or higher on average)
  • Grand Master (Top 30, 2300 or higher on average)

How to Unlock Ranked PvP in Lost Ark?

You can unlock Ranked PvP when you unlock the Arena Board in Lost Ark. Fortunately, you can unlock the Arena Board as early as Level 26, which is pretty early in the game.

After you complete the quest “Rebuilding Luterra”, head to the Arena Board in the city and interact with it to unlock Ranked PvP. You will find multiple game mode options in the Arena Board but the one to look for is the Competitive Matches tab.

Ranked PvP Rewards

All non-custom PvP game modes will give you some Courage Coin as a reward. You can exchange the Courage Coin for various rewards at the Courage Coin Exchange NPC in major cities in the game.

Aside from the Courage Coin, you can also get special chests for reaching specific ranks. The rarity of the chest you get depends on which bracket you finish at the end of the season.

What’s the difference between PvE and PvP in Lost Ark?

PvE stands for player versus enemy, while PvP stands for player versus player. In PvE, you play alone or with other players and fight AI enemies and monsters. On the other hand, PvP lets you fight against other player-controlled characters.

Most of Lost Ark’s content is PvE – it is an MMORPG after all. However, SmileGate also gives you the option to test your skills against other players in various PvP game modes.


You can unlock PvP in Lost Ark very early in the game. At around Level 26 or 27, you’ll likely have completed the Rebuilding Luterra quest, which unlocks the Arena Board. With the Arena Board unlocked, access the Competitive Matches tab and enter in PvP matches.

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