How to Unlock the Shadespire Tower

What is the Shadespire Tower?

The Shadespire Tower is one of many endgame contents you can enjoy when you reach level 50 in Lost Ark. Shadespire is a Tier 1 tower that has 50 floors, where you can face different sets of enemies, bosses, and challenges on each floor, making each run unique and enjoyable.

Clear these floors, and you will get valuable loot such as stat potions, Engravings, Collectibles, and more.

Where to find the Shadespire Tower in Lost Ark

You can find the Shadespire Tower in almost every major city in Lost Ark. Look for a tall spikey tower emitting a blue glow, or bring up the map and look for a spikey tower statue icon on the map. Refer to the image below to get a better idea about what the Shadespire Tower looks like.

If you’re still having trouble finding the Shadespire Tower, you can use the map search function to pinpoint the tower’s location on the map. Bring up the map by pressing M on your keyboard, then type “tower” in the search bar.

How to Unlock the Shadespire Tower

Before taking on the tower and its challenges, you must complete a set of requirements. Below is a list of all the requirements for unlocking the Shadespire Tower

  • Complete the Shushire Main Questline and Reach Item Level 302
  • Complete the Gear Honing Guide
  • Complete the Tower Guide Quest

Even though the Tower is unlocked when you reach Level 50, you must first achieve Item Level 302 with your character to participate in tower activities. This is because each floor of the Shadespire Tower has a minimum Item Level requirement, which starts at Item Level 302 on Floor 1.

Aside from the Item Level requirement, you must complete two Guide Quests in the Gear Honing and Tower Guide Quests. You can find these quests in the Quest Journal (J on your keyboard)

Shadespire Tower Mechanics

The Shadespire Tower has 50 floors, with each floor featuring unique enemies and challenges.

Progressing through each Floor in the tower is straightforward, only requiring you to clear a previous floor to move on to the next. You cannot skip floors you haven’t completed, but you have unlimited attempts for every floor.

Between floors, you also have the option to keep progressing through subsequent floors or stop and quit at the current floor. It is worth noting, however, that the Item Level requirement increases every 5 floors, so you might have to come back another time to progress through the latter floors.

Shadespire Tower Rewards

Like the enemies and challenges you face on each floor in the Tower, the rewards you can get for completing these floors will vary greatly as well. Below are all the loot you can expect to get from the Shadespire Tower in Lost Ark.

  • Skill Point Potion
  • Card Packs
  • Masterpiece
  • Giant’s Heart
  • Rapport Gifts
  • Creation Fragments
  • Growth Potions
  • Quick Recharge Rune
  • Battle Engraving Selection Chests
  • Class Engraving Selection Chests
  • Harmony Shard Pouch
  • Harmony Shard Pouch
  • Harmony Leap Stones
  • Destruction Stone Fragments
  • Guardian Stone Fragments


The Shadespire Tower is a fun endgame activity that you’ll want to take on as soon as you can in Lost Ark. The tower not only offers a challenging set of floors with varying enemies and challenges, but you can also get valuable loot such as stat potions, Engravings, Collectibles, and many more as you climb higher in the tower.

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