How to Unlock Rapport with Nineveh in Lost Ark

Who is Nineveh?

Nineveh is a Relic-tier Rapport NPC in Lost Ark. She is a cheerful Lazenith archer who helped end the Chain War, which took place 500 years prior to the events of the game’s main storyline.

Like other Rapport NPCs in the game, you can rapport with Nineveh by playing specific Songs and Emotes or through gifts. If you can increase your Rapport Level with her, you can unlock exciting rapport rewards such as Stat Potions, Cards, Coins, and more.

Where is Nineveh located in Lost Ark?

You can find Nineveh in Whispering Islet – an island located in the Whispering Sea, east of Punika and west of Rethramis.

You can sail to the island anytime, as the island is always open. However, since the Recommended Item Level is 960, you might want to bump up your character’s Item Level before visiting the island.

Once you’re on Whispering Islet, head to the southwestern end of the island towards the area called Windy Knoll. If you already have Nineveh unlocked, you should be able to find her standing under a large tree at Windy Knoll.

How to Unlock Rapport With Nineveh

Before anything else, complete the quest Waiting’s End at Windhaven Garden on Whispering Islet to wake Nineveh from her slumber. The quest is straightforward, only requiring interaction with several Totoiki and playing the song Heart’s Melody.

Rapport with Nineveh requires you to complete a Rapport-unlock quest and fulfill a Virtue requirement. The quest you must complete is called the Start of Our Story, which you can get from Allegro on Whispering Islet, and you’ll also need 180 points on Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, and Kindness Virtues to Rapport with Nineveh.

Once you have completed the requirements above, head for the Windy Knoll area on Whispering Islet and talk to Nineveh. Select the Rapport option and use Heart’s Melody/Song of Temptation or the Cute/Affection Emotes. You can also give Nineveh gifts such as Liebeheim’s Rose, Colorful Claw Toy, or Necromancer’s Records, among many other gift options.

Nineveh Rapport Rewards

You can get various rewards for achieving higher Rapport Levels with Nineveh in Lost Ark. As with other Rapport NPCs in the game, you can get rewards at Neutral, Amicable, Friendly, and Trusted Rapport Levels.

  • Neutral – x5 Ancient Platinum Coins
  • Amicable – x1 Stat Increase Potion, x9 100-Gold Coin, x8 Ancient Platinum Coin
  • Friendly – x10 100-Gold Coin, x17 Ancient Platinum Coin, x5 Recovery Battle Item Chest
  • Trusted – x1 Epic Giants’ Hearts, x1 Legendary Nineveh Card, Whispering Islet Token.


Unlocking Rapport with Nineveh is pretty straightforward, only requiring you to complete a quest requirement and a specific amount of Rapport Points on Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, and Kindness Virtues. However, while the quest requirement easily be completed, the steep Virtue requirements will leave you farming for Virtue points for a bit before you can Rapport with Nineveh on Whispering Islet.

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