How to Unlock Red Sand Desert in Lost Ark

Where is the Red Sand Desert?

You can find the Red Sand Desert in the Arthetine region in Lost Ark. It is a barren desert covered by red sand, where traces of a Guardian were found in the past.

Red Sand Desert is one of the smaller zones in Lost Ark, and there are no quests, NPCs, or Triports in the area. Nevertheless, there is one Una’s Task called Red Sand Desert Ecology Report that you can complete to get various rewards.

How to Get to the Red Sand Desert?

You can get to the Red Sand Desert through a portal in Riza Falls. Teleport to the Verdantier Observatory Triport, then head east and you should find the Red Sand Desert portal.

If you’re coming from a completely different continent in the game, you won’t be able to use the Verdantier Observatory Triport. Your only choice is to sail to Arthetine and dock your ship at the Port of Arthetine.

Red Sand Desert Mokoko Seeds

Despite being a barren wasteland, the Red Sand Desert Area is home to three Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark. None of the three Mokoko Seeds are hidden and you can easily pick them up and collect them as long as you know where to find them.

The first Mokoko Seed is located in the northernmost part of the Red Sand Desert area. You can find this Mokoko Seed near a large set of bones near the bridge.

You can find the second Mokoko Seed by crossing over to the eastern section of the area. Walk close to the rightmost edge of the rocks to find the second Mokoko Seed.

After you collect the second Mokoko Seed, make your way to the southeastern part of the Red Sand Desert. Walk along the southern edge of the cave and you should find the third Mokoko Seed next to some large skeletons.

Where is Riza Falls in Lost Ark?

You can find Riza Falls in the Arthetine continent in Lost Ark. Riza Falls is one of eight major areas in Riza Falls, alongside Arid Path, Red Sand Desert, Nebelhorn, Scraplands, Origins of Stern, Totrich and Windbringer Hills.

Riza Fall’s main area is the Verdantier Observatory, which you can find in the middle of the map.

There are two Tripors in Riza Falls – one in the Verdantier Observatory and another in the Iron Gate entrance near the Verdantier dungeon. There are only two NPC merchants in the area as well: Repairer Gerard and Potion Merchant Aldith.


There isn’t much in terms of content on Red Sand Desert in Lost Ark. There are a few Mokoko Seeds you can collect and one Una’s Task that you can complete in the area. Aside from those, however, you won’t find anything else to do in the area. Nevertheless, the Red Sand Desert is an area you will have to visit to complete your Adventurer’s Tome and add to your Mokoko Seed collection.

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