Lost Ark Death’s Hold Island Guide

Where is Death’s Hold Island?

Death’s Hold Island is in the East Vern Sea east of Vern in Lost Ark. You can find Death’s Hold Island faster by looking at the eastern side of Parna Forest or the northeastern area of Port Krona.

Death’s Hold Island is a PvP Island with a Recommended Item Level of 250. The admission periods for this island are as follows:

  • 1:20 AM
  • 7:20 AM
  • 1:20 PM
  • 3:20 PM
  • 7:20 PM
  • 10:20 PM

You should see a large red whirlpool in the island’s location a few minutes before the event starts.

Death’s Hold Island will emerge from the whirlpool as soon as the event goes live. You can enter the island normally, but make sure you enter the island quickly, or the island might disappear.

How to Get the Death’s Hold Island Token

You can get the Death’s Hold Island Token by completing a secret dungeon on the island. However, the only way to find this dungeon is by using a Secret Map that reveals the dungeon’s location.

To get the Secret Map, visit the NPC merchant on the island named The Earthbound. The Earthbound sells the Secret Map for 60 Foul Sculpture – an island currency you can get by participating in the Death’s Hold Island PvP Co-op Quest.

You can get various amounts of Foul Sculpture from the Death’s Hold PvP Co-op quest. Getting 1st place in the event gives you x5 Foul Sculpture, while placing 2nd and 3rd gives you x4 Foul Sculpture, respectively. Participants in the co-op event will get the least amount of Foul Sculpture at x3 each. You can also get x15 Foul Sculptures by completing a quest on the island called “A Distorted Wish.”

After you have collected x60 Foul Sculpture, go to The Earthbound and purchase the Secret Map. Clear the secret dungeon to get the Death’s Hold Island Token.

Death’s Hold Island Quests and Rewards

There is only one quest on Death’s Hold Island called A Distorted Wish. You can get this quest from The Earthbound, but only when you have the Cursed title before you enter Death’s Hold Island. You can get the Cursed Title by completing the “Putting the Fallen Knights to Rest” quest.

The rewards for completing A Distorted Wish are x15 Foul Sculpture and x1,000 Silver. You can use the extra Foul Sculpture to purchase various other loots from The Earthbound.

The Earthbound Items

The Earthbound is the only NPC Merchant on Death’s Hold Island. You can use the Foul Sculptures you collected in the co-op event to purchase various items from The Earthbound.

  • Secret Map – x60 Foul Sculpture
  • Uncommon Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) – x2 Foul Sculpture
  • Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest – x5 Foul Sculpture
  • Epic Rapport Chest – x5 Foul Sculpture
  • Crew Application Form: Eungwang – x15 Foul Sculpture
  • Sail Glyph: Uniqueness – x50 Foul Sculpture

Death’s Hold Island Mokoko Seeds Location

Aside from Foul Sculptures, Island Soul, and other loot, you can collect a few Mokoko Seeds on Death’s Hold Island. You will find only two Mokoko Seeds on the island, and both are sitting out in the open, waiting to be collected.


Death’s Hold Island offers a decent amount of content for you to enjoy in Lost Ark. The PvP Co-op quest is the most important content on the island, as the event gives out valuable currency called Foul Sculpture that you can use to get the Island Token and various other loot from the island merchant.

Aside from the PvP Co-op event, there is also one quest to complete and two Mokoko Seeds to collect on Death’s Hold Island.

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