Hyper Express Plus

What is Hyper Express Plus in Lost Ark?

Hyper Express Plus is a limited-time event in Lost Ark that is meant to help players with item level 1340 get to item level 1445 and beyond faster and help players complete the Punika questline sooner.

Players can select one character to enroll in the Hyper Express Plus and they can swap out this character once if they accidentally assign the wrong character from their roster. The Hyper Express Plus event runs from March 15 to June 14.

How does Lost Ark Hyper Express work?

Hyper Express works by giving you increased honing chances, reduced honing costs, and a honing material reward every time you increase your character’s item level by 15.

You will get valuable honing supplies by completing each quest in the event, and by completing the Berver’s Friend in Punika, you will also receive a free Powerpass.

You can only pick one character per account but you can also switch the character you assigned initially once.

Hyper Express Event Rewards

The following rewards can be acquired by completing quests in the event.

  • 100 Gold Coin
  • Relic Accessory Selection Chest
  • Legendary Engraving Recipe Selection Chest
  • Legendary Card Selection Pack
  • Basic Oreha Fusion Material (Bound)
  • Crystallized Destruction Stone (Bound)
  • Crystallized Guardian Stone (Bound)
  • Great Honor Leapstone (Bound)
  • Honor Shard Pouch (L)
  • Sailing Coin Selection Chest
  • Bloodclaw’s Splendid Coin
  • Relic Rapport Selection Chest
  • Legendary Rapport Selection Chest
  • Stronghold Seal Chest
  • Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack
  • Legendary – Rare Card Pack
  • Creation Fragment
  • [Event] Metallurgy: Advanced Welding (Limited Time)
  • [Event] Tailoring: Advanced Meding (Limited Time)

Is the Hyper Express Plus Worth it?

The Hyper Express Plus event is a worthwhile event that you shouldn’t miss in Lost Ark. Players with item level 1340 and below 1445 can join the event and complete tasks that give out honing materials that can speed up item leveling substantially.

The event essentially helps players get to item level 1445 faster through reduced honing costs and increased honing success rate. Players can also get a free Powerpass by completing the Berver’s Friend in Punika.


If you’re looking to push your character’s item level beyond 1340 faster in Lost Ark you should participate in the Hyper Express Plus event while you still can in Lost Ark. A ton of Honing materials and honing bonuses are up for grabs through each quest in the event.

The event runs from March 15 to June 14, which should be enough time to get your chosen character’s item level beyond 1445 and complete the Punika questline at the same time.

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