How to Unlock the Book of Coordination in Lost Ark

What is the Book of Coordination in Lost Ark

The Book of Coordination is a PvP customization menu that you can unlock after you complete the Luterra Arc of Lost Ark’s main storyline.

Through the Book of Coordination, you can assign Skill Builds and Stat Distribution presets that you can use in the Proving Grounds. Since all players will have equalized items, stats, and skills in PvP through fixed skill points, players can only really customize stat priorities and skill builds to complement their allies or the class they are currently playing in Lost Ark.

How to unlock the Book of Coordination in Lost Ark

The Book of Coordination is automatically unlocked after you complete the Luterra Arc in the Lost Ark main storyline.

After you talk to the PvP NPC, access the PvP bulletin board in the Proving Grounds and look for the ‘BoC’ button in the middle bottom part of the menu or press Alt+Z to bring up the Book of Coordination.

Knowing how to use the Book of Coordination is important, as the feature is an integral part of PvP as it allows players to set skill points and combat stats before they do battle in PvP.

How to use the Book of Coordination in Lost Ark

After unlocking PvP and the Book of Coordination in Lost Ark, go to the Proving Grounds and go to the bulletin board to access the Book of Coordination. Alternatively, you can press Alt+Z to bring up the same menu in-game.

In the Book of Coordination menu, you can create up to five PvP skills and stat presets, including Skill Tripods and Awakening Skills.

You have 1000 Skill Points to work with and distribute between all six stats such as Crit, Specialization, Swiftness, and Endurance, among others. You are also given 340 Skill Points that you can use and distribute toward all the skills and Tripods you intend to use in PvP.

After distributing all the Stat and Skill Points, save the preset by clicking on the ‘Save’ button in the bottom right corner of the menu.

Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Top Users’ Settings’ in the upper left corner of the Book of Coordination menu to find character builds from the top 1000 Competitive Mode players.

Is the Book of Coordination worth it in Lost Ark?

The Book of Coordination is worth using in Lost Ark as it allows you to optimize and try out new skill builds and stat setups before embarking on actual PvP matches. The Book of Coordination also allows you to check top players’ builds and adapt them to your own character.

The Book of Coordination even allows players to try out skills that they have not unlocked yet such as Awakening Skills so players can get a better idea of their class’ capabilities in-game.


Lost Ark’s PvP focuses more on individual skill rather than a player’s ability to grind and acquire powerful items in-game. As such, PvP equalizes most other variables and limits players to just 1000 Stat Points and 340 Skill Points – all of which can be assigned through the Book of Coordination.

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