How to Complete the Tragedy Written in Stone Quest in Lost Ark

What is the Tragedy Written in Stone Quest in Lost Ark?

The Tragedy Written in Stone Quest in Lost Ark is a Roster Quest that you will encounter in the Rethramis Border after you acquire a Moss-Covered Log from defeating Gravekeeper Ghosts in the area.

While this Quest might seem like a minor Quest in the grand scheme of Lost Ark’s story mode quests, you still need to complete this Roster Quest if you want to complete the Rethramis page of your Adventurer’s Tome.

How to get the Tragedy Written in Stone in Lost Ark

Before you can start the Tragedy Written in Stone Quest in Lost Ark, you first need to acquire the Moss-Covered Log item that’s dropped by Gravekeeper Ghosts (Pandemon) in the Graveyard area.

After you successfully acquire the Moss-Covered Log, bring up your inventory and use the item to start the Quest.

After you finish reading the Mossy Journal, you will need to speak to Gravekeeper Kendal on the opposite side of the graveyard. The Gravekeeper will ask you to look for Eulone’s Coffin located in the northern part of the graveyard.

When you finally spot Eulone’s Coffin, you will unlock Eulone’s Epitaph, which will give you more details about Eulone’s past.

After that, five Gravekeepers will spawn in the area. Defeat these to move on to the northwestern part of the graveyard and slay the Vengeful Spirit.

After you kill the Vengeful Spirit, head back to Gravekeeper Kendal to complete the quest and collect the quest rewards.

Tragedy Written in Stone Location

The Tragedy Written in Stone Roster Quest is located in the Rethramis region in Lost Ark. Most of the event will transpire around the northern and northwestern part of the map.

You will need to move from one spot to another around the Graveyard as you try and solve the mystery of Eulone’s Spirit. After you complete the Roster Quest, you will get some nice rewards from Gravekeeper Kendal for putting Eulone’s Ghost to rest.

Tragedy Written in Stone Rewards

You will get Silver, XP, and Roster XP by completing the Tragedy Written in Stone Roster Quest in Lost Ark.

  • 1x Secret Map
  • 16,517 XP
  • 1,560 Roster XP
  • 2,600 Silver

The rewards won’t seem like much but the Secret Map and decent silver rewards will certainly come in handy later in the game.


The Tragedy Written in Stone Lost Ark is a simple Roster Quest that will net you decent loot such as XP, Silver, and a Secret Map. In addition, completing this Roster Quest will move you one step closer to finishing your Rethramis page on your Adventurer’s Tome.

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