Locations of All Boombling Island Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

Where is Boombling Island?

You can find Boombling Island in the Atusia Ocean west of Tortoyk, northeast of Luterra, and southeast of Vern in Lost Ark. You can sail to the island as soon as you acquire your first ship in the game as the island’s always open, and the Item Level requirement is low at 250.

Boombling Island is one of the very few islands that will not allow Bifrost travel. You can only get to Boombling Island via your ship.

Boombling Island Mokoko Seeds

There is only one Mokoko Seed on Boombling Island, but the good news is that getting the lone Mokoko Seed on Boombling Island is very easy as you won’t need Sheet Music like the Song of Resonance or Forest’s Minuet.

You do, however, need to drink Witch Sinclair’s potion and turn it into a Boombling before you gain access to the Mokoko Seed’s location on Boombling Island. Complete the chain quest with Stone Giant Locarok so you can revert Witch Sinclair back to normal and acquire the Boombling Transformation Potion from her. Drink the potion to gain access to the secret area on the island.

You can find the Mokoko Seed on Boombling Island in the northeastern part of the island. Refer to the image below to get a better idea of the Mokoko Seed’s exact location.

Once you’re at the location, you should find a boulder that you can interact with. Interact with the boulder to break it and reveal a red teleporter that will transport you to the Mokoko Seed’s location on the island.

Stay towards the right side of the new area and you should find the Boombling Island Mokoko Seed next to some fruit baskets.

Is there an Island Soul on Boombling Island?

Unfortunately, Boombling Island is one of few islands in Lost Ark that does not have an Island Soul. As outlined above, there is also just one Mokoko Seed on Boombling Island, making it a pretty lean island in terms of collectibles.

If you’re looking to add an Island Soul to your collection then Boombling Island is not an island you’ll want to go to in Lost Ark. Naruni Island, Fomona Island, Golden Wave Island, and Fortuna Island are far better islands to visit as these islands have some of the easiest Island Sould you can collect in the game.

Is it worth getting Mokoko Seeds?

It is worth collecting Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark, as you can get valuable rewards by picking up these collectibles. You can claim a special reward from Village Chief Totoma in Tortoryk for every 50 Mokoko Seeds you acquire.

Some important loots you can get for Mokoko Seeds include Rapport Potion, Vitality Increase Potion, Stat Increase Potion, Collectibles, Crew Application Forms, and Ship Blueprints, among many others.


You can easily acquire the Mokoko Seed on Boombling Island by simply interacting with the boulder in the northeastern part of the island. Unfortunately, the Mokoko Seed hidden under the boulder is the only collectible you can get on Boombling Island, as there is no Island Soul to be had on the island as well.

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