It’s Okay Miss Fairy Location in Lost Ark

What is It’s Okay Miss Fairy?

It’s Okay Miss Fairy is a Level 1 Roster Quest that you can find on Lullaby Island. The It’s Okay Miss Fairy Quest is the third quest in a four-part Chain Quest on Lullaby Island that you can complete to acquire the sought-after Sheet Music called Forest’s Minuet.

Where to find the It’s Okay Miss Fairy Quest in Lost Ark?

You can find the It’s Okay Miss Fairy Quest on Lullaby Island in Lost Ark. Sail towards the Singing Sea southwest of Tortoyk and southeast of Anikka, and you should find Lullaby Island in the area. Entering the Island shouldn’t be a problem, as the Admission Period is Always, and the Item Level requirement is 250.

Once you’re on Lullaby Island, a large blue circle will appear on the map, indicating the fairy’s general location. Keep walking within the area until you find a floating name tag that says “Hiding Fairy.” Interact with the Hiding Fairy to talk to the invisible fairy and start the It’s Okay Miss Fairy Quest.

Should you complete the It’s Okay Miss Fairy Quest?

You’ll definitely want to complete the It’s Okay Miss Fairy Quest, as completing this quest is the only way you can acquire the very important Sheet Music called Forest’s Minuet.

Forest’s Minuet is a special Sheet Music that is used to unlock blocked-off locations and to increase Rapport with certain NPCs in Lost Ark. If you’re looking to collect as many Mokoko Seeds as possible, you will need the Forest’s Minuet, as some Mokoko Seeds will be locked behind giant vines around the game, and the only way to remove these vines is by playing the Forest’s Minuet.

What is the Forest’s Minuet for?

Forest’s Minuet is a Sheet Music that can reveal hidden paths blocked by large thorny vines. The Forest’s Minuet is also used for building Rapport with some NPCs in Lost Ark.

Forest’s Minuet will come in very handy in your hunt for all the Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark. You will find multiple Mokoko Seeds in hidden areas blocked off by large vines that can only be accessed by using Forest’s Minuet, such as the blocked-off areas on Promise Isle and Lakebar.


You can easily sail to Lullaby Island right after you acquire your first ship in Lost Ark. Finding the It’s Okay Miss Fairy Quest on the island shouldn’t be too difficult since the invisible fairy’s general location is limited to the blue circle marked on the map. Just keep an eye out for a floating “Hiding Fairy” name tag and interact with the invisible fairy to find the It’s Okay Miss Fairy quest in Lost Ark.

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