How to Use Shipwreck Scrap in Lost Ark

What is Shipwreck Scrap?

Shipwreck Scrap serves just one purpose in Lost Ark – to complete the Una’s Task called “Replacement Parts.” In Replacement Parts, you must collect a specific number of Shipwreck Scrap and then give them to the robot T-82 on Golden Wave Island.

Shipwreck Scrap is a unique item drop that you can only acquire on Golden Wave Island in Lost Ark. Shipwreck Scrap is the debris of a ship that wrecked near Golden Wave Island, and a robot on Golden Wave Island named T-82 is collecting these scraps materials for its broken ship.

How do you find Shipwreck Scrap?

You can find Shipwreck Scrap on Golden Wave Island. As you explore Golden Wave Island, you will find multiple chests and pouches that contain a random number of Shipwreck Scrap.

Keep an eye on the minimap as soon as you arrive on Golden Wave Island, then look for icons that look like blocks of wood and head for those locations. You should find either a pouch or a chest in the area. Open the pouch/chest to get Shipwreck Scrap.

The pouches/chests that contain Shipwreck Scrap respawn indefinitely on Golden Wave Island, which means you can stay on the island and keep collecting Shipwreck Scrap until you have enough to give to T-82 to complete Una’s Task.

How to Use Shipwreck Scrap

Shipwreck Scrap is an item you must collect and give to T-82 on Golden Wave Island as part of Una’s Task “Replacement Parts”.

You need to collect 10 Shipwreck Scraps on Golden Wave Island and then give them to T-82 to complete the Una’s Task for the day. You can come back the next day and complete the same Una’s Task the same way, as Shipwreck Scrap spawns regularly on the island.

What is the Collecting Cargo Quest?

Collecting Cargo is a quest you have to complete to start Una’s Task “Replacement Parts” on Golden Wave Island. In this quest, you must collect shipwreck cargo on Golden Wave Island and deliver them to T-82.

Collecting Cargo is like a tutorial quest for Una’s Task: Replacement Parts since both quests require you to complete similar objectives.

It is worth noting that you’ll have to complete the prerequisite quest “Hey, Wake Up!” before you can take on the Collecting Cargo quest. In “Hey, Wake Up!” you must collect Demon Stones from mechanical boxes and components from abandoned machines on Golden Wave Island to repair T-82’s power system.


Shipwreck Scrap is a quest item that is used to complete the Collecting Cargo quest and the Replacement Parts Una’s Task. Despite being designated as a Rare item in-game, you should have no problems collecting Shipwreck Scrap, as it is plentiful on Golden Wave Island.

Collect Shipwreck Scrap and give them to the robot T-82 to complete the Collecting Cargo and Replacement Parts Una’s Task in Lost Ark.

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