Locations of All Origins of Stern Mokoko Seeds

Where is the Origins of Stern?

Origins of Stern is a city in the region Arthetine in Lost Ark. You can find Arthetine in the Sea of Gienah, Northeast of Vern and just directly north of Anikka. Find Origins of Stern quickly in Lost Ark by pressing M on your keyboard and typing “Origins of Stern” in the World Map search bar.

Origins of Stern is the capital city of Arthetine. It is a city-state of Cykins built on the red desert of Artthetine, ruled by three governors of politics, economics, and evolution.

Where are the Mokoko Seeds in the Origins of Stern?

There are 14 Mokoko Seeds scattered around Origins of Stern in Lost Ark. Most of the Mokoko Seeds in Origins of Stern can be found in various districts around the city.

Mokoko Seeds #1-5 can all be found in the Origins of Stern Town Hall.

Mokoko Seed #6-12 can be found in various areas around the Origins of Stern. There are two in the Business District, one at the Regulator Headquarters, one in the Hall of Transcendence, one in the Industrial District, one in Neria’s Tavern, and another in the left wing of the Market District.

Mokoko Seed #13 is located in the lower level of Origins of Stern next to a turbine. You need to find a staircase that leads to the lower level such as the one shown below to get to Mokoko Seed #13.

The last Mokoko Seed can be found at the entrance to the Eye of Sceptum.

Two other Mokoko Seeds can be found in the Business and Market District, while five more are in the Town Hall area. You can find the rest of the Mokoko Seeds around the Hall of Transcendence, Industrial District, Underground Market, and Eye of Sceptrum.

Why are Mokoko Seeds Important?

Collecting Mokoko Seeds isn’t crucial for completing Lost Ark’s main storyline. However, Mokoko-hunting is a worthwhile activity that can be very rewarding, especially as you play through the endgame.

You can exchange Mokoko Seeds for valuable rewards such as Stat Potions, Crew Application Forms, Ship Blueprints, and other valuable collectibles. You can start claiming these rewards from Mokoko Village Chief Totoma as soon as you collect your first 50 Mokoko Seeds.

What is the Mokoko Seed lore?

Mokoko Seeds might seem like simple green seedlings that sprout from random locations in Lost Ark, but there’s a funny backstory to these green seedlings in Lost Ark.

Mokoko Seeds are an entire generation of unborn Mokoko younglings, which the great giant, Tortoyk, accidentally sent flying across Arkesia after a sneeze. You’re essentially helping the Mokokos save their children by collecting Mokoko Seeds scattered around the game. You can think of Village Chief Totoma’s rewards as a thank you for collecting their unborn children.


You can pick up most of the 14 Mokoko Seeds in the Origins of Stern in open, random spots in the city area, making Origins of Stern an easy Mokoko-hunting location in Lost Ark, with the rest of the Mokoko Seeds in Origins of Stern can be found in the Underground Market and the Eye of Sceptrum.

Finding these Mokoko Seeds is the only challenge in Origins of Stern, as all 14 Mokoko Seeds can seen and acquired without Sheet Music like the Song of Resonance or the Forest’s Minuet.

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