Starlight Isle Guide Lost Ark

Where is Starlight Isle?

You can find Starlight Isle between the Credos Ocean and the East Vern Sea in Lost Ark. Starlight Isle is closest to Pleccia, and getting there takes just a few seconds if you’re sailing from the East of the island.

If you’re still having trouble finding Starlight Isle, bring up the World Map by pressing the M button on your keyboard, then locate the World Map search bar in the upper right corner of the menu. In the World Map search menu, type in Starlight Isle, then press Enter. The World Map should focus on Starlight Isle, allowing you to pinpoint the island’s location on the map.

How to Get the Starlight Isle Token

You can get the Starlight Isle Token as a reward for completing the quest “A Starlit Melody” in Lost Ark.

A Starlit Melody should be a walk in the park, but it is locked behind a long list of prerequisite quests that you’ll need to complete first.

  • A Lighthouse for the Soul
  • For the Lost Soul
  • The Pianist of the Lonely Lighthouse
  • Starkeeper’s Records
  • The Soul Left in X-301
  • Under the Starlight Lighthouse
  • Finding Eileen’s Soul
  • Favreau and Eileen
  • Your Traces
  • A Starlit Melody

Despite the long list of prerequisite quests, most of the quests you must complete to get the Starlight Isle Token are straightforward. Of all the quests in the chain, The Soul Left in X-301 is one that will take the most time since the Secret Base Guard’s Eye Sensor is an RNG drop from an enemy that spawns every 5 minutes on X-301.

Starlight Isle Rewards

Most of the rewards you can get on Starlight Isle are quest rewards from completing the long list of quests that lead to A Starlit Melody. You can expect Collectibles, Sea Coins, Engraving Recipes, and other rewards on Starlight Isle.

  • Starlight Isle Token
  • Song of Starlight
  • Great Masterpiece #20
  • High Seas Coin Chest x15
  • Rare Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x5
  • Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) x5
  • Epic Rapport Chest x3
  • Creation Frament x3
  • Kindness +14

Starlight Isle Mokoko Seeds Locations

The Starlight Isle Token and quest rewards aren’t the only things you can get on Starlight Isle – there are two Mokoko Seeds you can pick up and add to your collection on Starlight Isle.

The good news is that both Mokoko Seeds on Starlight Isle can be found in the open and do not require special Sheet Music such as the Song of Resonance or the Forest’s Minuet. Just head to the Mokoko Seeds’ location marked on the map image below and pick up the Mokoko Seeds like normal.

The first Mokoko Seed is hidden in the bushes just under the large tree at the Southeastern end of the island.

Mokoko Seed #2 is hidden in the bushes at the foot of the large angel statue at the Southwestern end of the island.


Starlight Isle is a straightforward island in terms of quests and rewards. While the list to get the Starlight Isle Token is long, you should have no problems completing most of them, as only The Soul Left in X-301 should take longer than usual to complete. After you get the Starlight Isle Soul, consider spending a few more minutes exploring and finding the two Mokoko Seeds on the island.

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