Raid Bulletin Board Location in Lost Ark

What is the Raid Bulletin for?

The Raid Bulletin is an interactive menu that you can use to enter Guardian Raids and view additional options around Guardian Raids in Lost Ark.

Some functions you can access in the Raid Bulletin include Raid Levels, Bosses, Map Info, Entry Requirements, Restrictions, Expected Rewards, Rest Bonus, and Party options.

You can cycle through six Raid Levels in the Raid Bulletin Board. Each Raid Level features a list of Guardian Bosses that you can fight to receive various rewards, which includes Guardian’s Will. By selecting a Raid Level and a specific Guardian Boss, you can view the Entry Requirements, Expected Rewards, Restrictions, and Matching options on the right side of the menu.

It is worth noting, however, that you’ll need to have a specific Item Level to enter Guardian Raids. Check the “Entry Requirements” section on the right side of the Guardian Raid menu to learn about your chosen Guardian’s Raid requirements.

Where is the Raid Bulletin Board in Lost Ark?

You can find the Raid Bulletin in every major city in Lost Ark. Look for a red “Guardian Raid” flag on the map; there you should be able to find and access the Raid Bulletin Board.

If you’re still having trouble finding the Raid Bulletin in Lost Ark, just head for other dungeon events such as Chaos Dungeon or Abyss Raid – the Guardian Raid Bulletin should also be in the same area.

When should I start raiding in Lost Ark?

You can start doing Guardian Raids as soon as you reach Level 50 in Lost Ark. Playing with a party will help speed up your Guardian Raid, but you can also queue for Guardian Raids alone if you don’t have a party to play with.

The weakest Guardian Raid boss you can face is Ur’nil – a Tier 2 Guardian Raid boss with a Recommended Item Level of just 500. You can easily run through various Guardian Raids until about Guardian Raid Level 2, after which you’ll need Item Level 800 to fight more powerful Guardians.

How do I unlock Legion Raids?

You can unlock Legion Raids after you complete the Guide Quest: “Notice: Legion Raid” in Lost Ark. Notice: Legion Raid will become available in-game after you complete the World Quest “Invasion of Chaos” and reach Item Level 1415.

Once you’ve completed the Invasion of Chaos quest and reached item Level 1415, head to Vern Castle and look for the Lunar Knights Commander to start the “Notice: Legion Raid” quest. Complete the quest to unlock Legion Raids in Lost Ark.


You can easily find the Raid Bulletin Board by going to any major city like Vern Castle, bringing up the map, and looking for a red flag labeled “Guardian Raid”. Through the Raid Bulletin Board, you can enter the Guardian Raid of your choice and view various Guardian Raid options such as Entry Requirements, Restrictions, and Expected Rewards, among many other options.

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