Lost Ark Sasha Rapport Guide

Who is Sasha in Lost Ark?

Sasha is a Rapport NPC you can find in the Origins of Stern in Arthetine. She is the Treasurer of Arthetine – in charge of all financial affairs in the continent. Aside from being the continent’s Treasurer, Sasha is also famous for her fashion sense and outspoken attitude.

Where to Find Sasha?

You can find Sasha in the Origins of Stern Town Hall. Head toward the northernmost end of Origins of Stern, enter the Town Hall, then head for the first room in the right wing of the Town Hall to find Sasha.

How to build Rapport with Sasha

Before you can Rapport with Sasha, you must complete the World Quest “Confrontation” in the Origins of Stern and have at least 90 Charisma and Wisdom. If you have both requirements, you can simply talk to Sasha in Origins of Sterns and select the Rapport button to build Rapport with her.

As with most Rapport NPCs in Lost Ark, building Rapport with Sasha requires the use of effective Rapport items and actions such as Rapport Gifts, Songs, and Emotes. Below is a complete list of Rapport actions/items you can use to build Rapport with Shasha.

Rapport Gifts

  • Song of Starlight
  • Song of Temptation

If you have the Song of Starlight, Song of Temptation, or both, you can use these to build Rapport with Sasha. The Song of Starlight will increase Rapport Points by 325, while the Song of Temptation gives 375 Rapport Points.

Rapport Emotes

  • Laugh
  • Shy

Like Rapport Songs, you can also use Rapport Emotes to build Rapport with Sasha. The Laugh Emote will increase Rapport by 275 Points, while the Shy Emote will increase Rapport by 300.

Preferred Gifts (Epic)

Giving Rapport NPCs such as Sasha-specific Rapport Gifts can increase Rapport Points depending on the gift’s rarity. There are three Rapport Gift rarities you can use to increase Rapport with Sasha – Epic, Legendary, and Relic.

  • Liebeheim’s Rose – 324 Rapport Points
  • Lobster Dish – 324 Rapport Points
  • Glacial Beer – 330 Rapport Points
  • Broken Dagger – 330 Rapport Points
  • Soundstone of Dawn – 330 Rapport Points
  • Hoyte 100-year Anniversary Bookmark – 330 Rapport Points
  • Old Bone – 360 Rapport Points
  • Machine Repair Set- 390 Rapport Points
  • Zagoras Ice Cap – 324 Rapport Points
  • Stalwart Cage- 330 Rapport Points
  • Halite Statue- 330 Rapport Points
  • Tournament Entrance Certificate- 330 Rapport Points
  • Black Rose- 330 Rapport Points
  • Yudia Natural Salt- 330 Rapport Points
  • Crystallized Magick- 360 Rapport Points
  • Stern Scrap Icon – 450 Rapport Points (requires Charisma 150)

Preferred Gifts (Legendary)

  • Fargar’s Beer – 2000 Rapport Points
  • Sky Reflection Oil – 2000 Rapport Points
  • Shy Wind Flower Pollen – 2000 Rapport Points
  • Fine Gramophone – 2000 Rapport Points
  • Sirius’s Holy Book – 2000 Rapport Points
  • Festival of Fire and Ice – 2000 Rapport Points
  • Oreha Viewing Stone – 2000 Rapport Points
  • Surprise Chest – 2000 Rapport Points
  • Chain War Chronicles – 2000 Rapport Points
  • Angler’s Fishing Pole – 2000 Rapport Points
  • Vern’s Founding Coin – 2000 Rapport Points
  • Red Moon Tears – 2000 Rapport Points
  • Sylvain Queens’ Blessing – 2000 Rapport Points
  • Necromancer’s Records – 2000 Rapport Points

Preferred Gifts (Relic)

  • Encavian Crown – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Medrick Centennial Wine – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Living Stone – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Hoyte Issue No. 289 – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Azure Gem – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Mask of the Oath – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Gienah’s Protection – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Haal Coi n- 10000 Rapport Points
  • Liquor of Arrogance – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Lunar Knights Token – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Gustaven’s Holy Water – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Honey Toast – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Endless Bottle – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Linderte Goblet – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Millennial Lotus Essence – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Blessing of the Lazeniths – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Azure Heart Fruit – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Crystal Necklace – 10000 Rapport Points
  • Albion Scale – 10000 Rapport Points

What is the point of Rapport in Lost Ark?

Rapport lets you build relationships with select NPCs in Lost Ark and is a fun way of unlocking new dialogues and reactions from your favorite NPCs.

However, the primary reason you’ll want to build Rapport with NPCs in the game is the rewards you can get from building up your relationship with Rapport NPCs. Building Rapport with specific NPCs is a requirement for unlocking valuable content, a good example being Blackfang, whom you’ll want to reach Trusted Rapport with to acquire the Astray Ship.


As with most Rapport NPCs in Lost Ark, building Rapport with the Treasurer of Artethine will take time and effort. Knowing which songs, actions, and gifts to use in your Rapport with Sasha can help make the process less grueling. Follow the guide above to get a good idea of how you can build Rapport with Sasha in Lost Ark.

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