Locations of All Sapira Cave Mokoko Seeds

Where is Sapira Cave in Lost Ark?

Sapira Cave is a dungeon located in Ozhorn Hill in Yudia. You can enter Sapira Cave alone or with a full team of 4 players at Item Level 90.

Sapira Cave is a relatively low-level cave that you can easily complete to get the following rewards:

  • Demon Blightlord Headpiece
  • Demon Blightlord Ring
  • Silver

Aside from the rewards listed above, you will also find 9 Mokoko Seeds in Sapira Cave.

How many Mokoko Seeds are in Sapira Cave?

There are 9 Mokoko Seeds in Sapira Cave, all of which are easily obtainable since the dungeon itself is relatively small and straightforward.

With that said, a few Mokoko Seeds are hidden in an unmarked area on the map, so make sure you check the Mokoko Seeds location guide below to find all the Mokoko Seeds in Sapira Cave.

Sapira Cave Mokoko Seeds Locations

The first Mokoko Seed can be found at the first dead end in the middle of the dungeon. You can find the Mokoko seed near the cliff.

The second Mokoko Seed can be found right after you slide down to the next area. Look for a wooden post towards the left and there you’ll find the second Mokoko Seed.

You can find the third and fourth Mokoko Seeds by heading east from the intersection. The third Mokoko Seed will be near the fences in front of a lit torch.

Head to the east end of the dead-end to find the fourth Mokoko Seed next to some crates along the stream.

The fifth and sixth Mokoko Seeds can be found by moving a bit to the west from the intersection in the middle of the dungeon.

You need to light up two fire fixtures to gain access to the area. Refer to the images below to find the levers, then make your way up the cliff then walk towards the end of the path to find Mokoko Seeds 5 and 6.

The seventh Mokoko Seed can be found by heading northwest after collecting Mokoko Seeds 5 and 6. The Mokoko Seed will be in the middle of the open area hiding behind some plants.

You can find the eighth and ninth Mokoko Seeds in the northernmost part of the map. You’ll find a seemingly impassable stone wall in the area, but you can easily walk through the wall to enter the secret and collect the last Mokoko Seeds.

What are the hardest Mokoko Seeds to get?

The most difficult Mokoko Seeds to get are the Mokoko Seeds in Windbringer Hill, as those Mokoko Seeds are locked behind a secret room that you can only open by using the Song of Resonance.

You must have 16,500 Pirate Coins to purchase the Song of Resonance from Treasure Hunter Igran in the Sea of Gienah. Completing Island Quests in Freedom Isle and Blackfang’s Den should speed up this process.


Getting all 9 Mokoko Seeds in Sapira Cave should be fairly easy. All you really need is a good knowledge of how to navigate the dungeon and how to gain access to secret areas containing some of the Mokoko Seeds. Refer to the guide above to find all 9 Mokoko Seeds in Sapira Cave.

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