How to Unlock the Crook Catcher Quest

What is the Crook Catcher Quest?

The Crook Catcher Quest is a Level 1 Daily Quest found in Una’s Daily Tasks in Lost Ark. In the Crook Catcher Quest, you must find three criminals hiding in Runaways Island and turn them in to complete the quest and receive rewards.

The criminals you’re looking for are the following:

  • The Lockpicker
  • The Prisoner Ransomer
  • The Noble Impersonator

You can ‘catch’ the crooks by talking to them and then talking to Knight Rembrandt. You can complete this Daily Quest multiple times to get the Runaways Island Token.

Where to find the Crook Catcher Quest?

The Crook Catcher Quest can be found in Una’s Daily Tasks, which will send you to Runaways Island where the quest lies.

You must track down three criminals and turn them into Knight Rembrandt to complete the quest. You will get various rewards for completing the quest once, but you can redo the quest multiple times to earn an Island Token.

Crook Catcher Locations

You need to find three crooks in Runaways Island to complete the Crook Catcher Quest in Lost Ark. You can do this by going to Runaways Island and looking for an orange dialogue icon on top NPCs in the locations described below.

The crooks’ locations are random for every quest run, which means you won’t find the same criminals in the same locations you previously spotted them in on a previous run.

With that said, you can expect to find criminals in the central, western, and eastern parts of the Island. Check the following locations to find the criminals:

  • Rooftops toward the east and west sides of the Island.
  • Outside of houses
  • Inside animal pens
  • Blending in around other NPCs

The criminals shouldn’t be too hard to find as they will always have an orange dialogue icon on their heads. Once you find a criminal, simply interact with them to bring them in.

Don’t panic if you cannot find one or two of the criminals on the island, as spawn times for each criminal can vary. Just wait a few minutes and revisit the same spots, and you’ll eventually find the criminals you’re looking for in the area.

Crook Catcher Quest Rewards

After turning in all three crooks to Knight Rembrandt, you will get the following rewards:

  • Reputation Points x10
  • Harmony Shards x910
  • Roster XP x240

After you’ve completed the Crook Catcher Daily Task a few times, you will get the Runaway Island Token.


The Crook Catcher Quest can be intimidating if you don’t know where to find the criminals in Runaways Island. Fortunately, the general location for each criminal won’t be too different between quest runs, and you can easily spot each criminal thanks to the orange dialogue icon on their heads.

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