Lost Ark Snowpang Island Guide

Where is Snowpang Island?

You can find Snowpang Island between the Glacier Region and Rayan Current South of Shushire in Lost Ark. Snowpang Island is an Adventure Island, and only appears according to its specified schedule in Procyon’s Compass. The Recommended Item Level for Snowpang Island is 250.

According to the in-game description: Snowpang Island is a cold, cruel battleground. The legend of a hero was born here among the storming snowballs. Snowpang Island’s description fits the island’s co-op event very closely, as you will find out in the next section.

How to Get the Snowpang Island Soul?

You can get the Snowpang Island Soul from the Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch, which you can get by participating in and completing the co-op event on the island.

The Snowpang Island co-op quest is a PvP Quest where you pick up snowballs scattered on island grounds and engage in a snowball fight against an opposing team for six minutes. Whichever team reaches 1000 points first wins the event, but all players will receive the Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch.

The Snowpang Island Soul is an RNG drop from Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch, which, when opened, may drop the Snowpang Island Soul or Silver.

Since you can only get the Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch after the Snowpang Island co-op event, it might take a while before you get a Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch that carries the Snowpang Island Soul. Check Procyon’s Compass for Snowpang Island Admission Schedules so you can participate in the Snowpang co-op event as soon as it is available in-game.

Snowpang Island Quests and Rewards

There are five quests that you can complete on Snowpang Island. However, only the first quest given by Sister is available on your first visit to the island. After your first visit, however, a new NPC named Mary will give you two new quests. The rest of the quests on the island are given by Ice Spirit Enri at Ice Butterfly Cliff on Snowpang Island.

Little Sister’s Wish (Given by NPC Sister)

  • Silver x10,000

Sister, You Grown Up? (Given by NPC Mary)

  • Silver x15,000

Sister, Are You a Snowman? (Given by NPC Mary)

  • Offense Battle Item Random Chest

Help, Ice Spirit! (Given by NPC Ice Spirit Enri)

  • Gold x500

With the Power of Snowflakes (Given by NPC Ice Spirit Enri)

  • Red Snowperson Muffler/Pink Snowperson Muffler/Blue Snowperson Muffler
  • Kindness +1

Snowpang Island Mokoko Seeds Locations

Like most islands in Lost Ark, you can also find Mokoko Seeds on Snowpang Island. There are only two Mokoko Seeds on Snowpang Island, and the good news is that you won’t have to use Sheet Music such as the Song of Resonance to access these two Mokoko Seeds.

Both Mokoko Seeds can be found in the Southern half of the island. The first Mokoko Seed is situated behind one of the trees on the left side of the bridge, while the second Mokoko Seed can be found behind a small Christmas Tree south of the big Christmas tree at the southern end of the left side of the island.


Snowpang Island offers a unique co-op event where you engage with other players in a fun snowball fight. By participating in this snowball fight, you will earn the Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch which can drop the Snowpang Island Soul.

Aside from the co-op event on the island, there are also multiple quests that you can complete to get rewards. Once you’re done with the quests, you can complete your journey on the island by finding the two Mokoko Seeds in the southern half of the island.

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