How to Unlock Stronghold Merchant Tuleu in Lost Ark

Who is Stronghold Merchant Tuleu?

Tuleu is one of many merchants you will encounter in Lost Ark. Tuleu belongs to the Visiting Merchant category of NPCs, which are specific NPCs that appear randomly in your Stronghold in Lost Ark.

While each Visiting Merchant offers a unique set of items for sale, Tuleu is particularly important, as he has a chance to sell Uncommon and Rare Wealth Runes. Unlike other Visiting Merchants that randomly visit your Stronghold, Tuleu will not appear within your Stronghold until you unlock him in-game.

How do you get Stronghold Merchant Tuleu?

You can only unlock Stronghold Merchant Tuleu after you complete two chain quests, two side quests, and a local event in Rohendel. Only then will Merchant Tuleu become available to research in your Stronghold Lab.

The first thing you need to do is go to Atropos Island and complete the Main Quest there to unlock the Una’s Task: What’s In The Ship? You must complete this Una’s Task seven times to get Mederiel’s Letter.

Medriel’s Letter is the key to unlocking Merchant Tuleu. However, you can only read the letter after you complete the Chain Quest called Music Echoes in Elzowin, which you can find in Rohendel.

To start the Chain Quest in Rohendel, you first need to complete the Rohendel Main Storyline. After which, complete the following Quests in exact order.

  1. The Missing Players
  2. Falling Petals
  3. A Mage’s Story
  4. Blooming Again
  5. Flowers Bloom Once More
  6. Music Echoes in Elzowin

After completing the Quest “Falling Petals,” head to the road that leads to the Sanctum of Water area and look for an object next to the steps. You should get the Quest “A Mage’s Story” right after. Complete that Quest, then complete the side Quest “There’s A First Time for Everyone,” which you can find in Lake Shiverwave.

After completing the side quest, return to Rothun and complete the rest of the Quests in the chain. You should be able to use Medriel’s Letter after you complete all the Quests in the chain.

Use Medriel’s Letter to add Visiting Merchant Tuleu to your Research list in your Stronghold Lab.

Stronghold Merchant Tuleu Inventory

Like other Stronghold Merchants in Lost Ark, Tuleu’s inventory will vary every time he visits your Stronghold. With that said, you can expect to find the following items from Tuleu’s inventory:

  • Crew Application Form: Hilder (Astray)
  • Crew Application Form: Joffrey (Eurus)
  • Uncommon Wealth Rune
  • Rare Wealth Rune
  • Adventure: Starfruit

How do you get more Stronghold Merchants in Lost Ark?

There are a total of 14 Stronghold Merchants in Lost Ark but only three of these are available after you are introduced to your Stronghold in Lost Ark.

To get more Stronghold Merchants to visit your Stronghold, you must complete a set of prerequisites to get Invitations or Letters that will unlock the respective merchant. Below is a list of all Stronghold Merchants in Lost Ark and the requirements you must meet to add them to your Stronghold’s Visiting Merchant rotation.

  • Rami – no requirement
  • Tago – no requirement
  • Duekhyeon – no requirement
  • Flarke
    • 70% Arthetine Adventurer’s Tome
    • Morlo Guild’s Invitation (Unlocked via Stern – The Watcher Quest)
  • Roehn
    • 70% Shushire Adventurer’s Tome
    • Daybreakers’ Invitation (Unlocked via Rigens Village – After the Dawn and Once Upon a Time Quests)
  • Illayne
    • 80% North Vern Adventurer’s Tome
    • Vern Royal Merchant Guild’s Invitation (Unlocked via Vern Castle – Beyond the Frozen Sea Quest)
  • Astiel
    • 80% Rohendel Adventurer’s Tome
    • Silver Wave Merchant Guild’s Invitation (Unlocked via Rothun – Ratik Quest)
  • Floor
    • Market Research Una’s Task
    • Research and Development Una’s Task
    • Quality Check Una’s Task
    • Bulletproof Cream Hits the Market Quest
    • Umar’s Cosmetics’ Invitation (Unlocked via Great Castle – Bulletproof Cream Hits the Market Quest)
  • Gador
    • 70% Yorn Adventurer’s Tome
    • Great Ashen Forge’s Invitation (Unlocked via Great Castle – The Legend Sings Quest)
  • Borza
    • 70% Feiton Adventurer’s Tome
    • Levi’s Letter (Unlocked via Kalaja – The Last Melody of a Requiem Quest)
  • Saha
    • 70% Punika Adventurer’s Tome
    • Invitation from the Lailai Merchant’s Association (Unlocked via Nia Village – Honorary Punikan Quest)
  • Marte
    • 70% South Vern Adventurer’s Tome
    • Candaria Trade Company’s Invitation (Unlocked via South Vern – Into the Chaos Quest)


Wealth Runes are very rare items that you can only get from specific sources in Lost Ark, making Stronghold Merchant Tuleu an important NPC in the game, as he carries not one, but two Wealth Runes of Uncommon and Rare variety.

Aside from Tuleu, there are more Visiting merchants that carry equally valuable loot in the game. Refer to the guide above to unlock Tuleu and the other Visiting merchants in Lost Ark.

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