How to Complete the Buried in Flowers Quest in Lost Ark

What is the Buried in Flowers Quest?

Buried in Flowers is a Level 1 Roster Quest on Azure Wind Island in Lost Ark. Start this quest by talking to Meadow Fairy Arone. After you speak to Arone, a short cutscene will play out. Wait for the cutscene to finish, then speak to Arone again to complete the quest.

Unlocking Buried in Flowers involves a convoluted set of prerequisite quest chains on Azure Wind Island. Learn more in the section below.

How to Complete the Buried in Flowers Quest

The Buried in Flowers quest is a simple quest you can complete by talking to Meadow Fairy Arone. The challenge lies in completing all other prerequisite quests to unlock the Buried in Flowers quest.

Below is a list of all the quests you must complete to unlock Buried in Flowers.

  • Spreading Your Wings
  • Meadow’s Riddles
    • Meadowkeeper’s Riddle: How Many?
    • Meadowkeeper’s Riddle: What Position?
    • Meadowkeeper’s Riddle: How Many Horses?
    • Meadowkeeper’s Riddle: How Long?
    • Meadowkeeper’s Riddle: How Much?
    • Meadow’s Riddle
  • Of the Meadow, To the Meadow
  • Song of the Azure Wind

The quests listed above are just some of the prerequisites for this quest. You will also need the following Sheet Music and Emotes to complete objectives on individual quests.

  • Heavenly Harmony
  • Song of Valor
  • Serenade of Love
  • Hearts Melody
  • Laugh/Giggle
  • Sway
  • Polite/Greet

To begin this quest, look for a yellow exclamation mark when you arrive on Azure Wind Island. The exclamation mark should lead you to the A Dying Horse quest. You must complete this quest to unlock the rest of the prerequisite quests on Azure Wind Island.

After you complete A Dying Horse, you will unlock the quest The Mane of the Azure Wind – a prerequisite quest for Once Filled with Flowers. Complete Once Filled with Flowers to unlock the Meadow Fairy Quest.

Completing the Meadow Fairy Quest will unlock four new types of quests:

  • Timed Sprint
  • Puzzle
  • Riddle
  • Sheet Music/Songs

All four quest types listed above will branch off to their own quest chains and culminate in their individual hidden quests. You have to complete all four quests and their final hidden quests to unlock the Buried in Flowers quest.

Where to find the Buried in Flowers Quest?

You can find the Buried in Flowers Quest on Azure Wind Island. Sail to Azure Wind Island in the Great Sea northeast of Yorn and northwest of Punika and you should be able to find Azure Wind Island.

Look for Meadow Fairy Arone in the middle of the island and talk to her after you have completed all the prerequisite quests listed in the previous section.

The Buried in Flowers Quest itself only requires you to talk to Meadow Fairy Arone and wait for a cutscene to play out. After the cutscene concludes, talk to Meadow Fairy Arone again to complete the Buried in Flowers Quest.

Buried in Flowers Rewards

You can get honing materials, XP, money, and the Azure Wind Island Soul for completing the Buried in Flowers quest in Lost Ark.

  • Azure Wind Island Soul
  • Roster XP x85
  • Silver x3,500
  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Pouch
  • Splendid Guardian Stone Fragment Pouch


Buried in Flowers itself is a straightforward quest that only requires you to talk to a specific NPC on Azure Wind Island. However, you can only unlock Buried in Flowers after you complete quest chain after quest chain of prerequisites on Azure Wind Island, making it one of the most challenging quests to complete in Lost Ark.

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