How to Destroy the Mount Zagoras Barricade in Lost Ark

What is the Mount Zagoras Barricade?

The Mount Zagoras Barricade is an insanely durable blockade on Mount Zagoras. Mount Zagoras is a fortress in the southern part of the Luterra region. You will find multiple camps and strongholds in the zone, where soldiers use various barricades to keep unauthorized individuals from entering the area.

The Mount Zagoras Barricade will prevent you from collecting all 12 Mokoko Seeds on Mount Zagoras, as three of these seeds will be locked behind the notorious barricade. Destroy this barricade to get all the Mokoko Seeds in Luterra.

Where to find the Mount Zagoras Barricade?

You can find the Mount Zagoras Barricade in the Zagoras Fortress area on Mount Zagoras. Teleport to the Zagoras Fortress Tripod then head south towards the left area next to the Yudia Continent portal. Just next to an injured soldier will be the dreaded Mount Zagoras Barricade.

How to Destroy the Mount Zagoras Barricade

You can destroy the Mount Zagoras Barricade using your character’s basic attacks.

You can take on the Mount Zagoras Barricade alone. However, it will take much longer than if you team up with other players and form a whole party. Take note that this barricade will be very durable, boasting even more HP than some of the most durable bosses in Lost Ark.

Other players say it will take around an hour of using basic attacks before you finally break down the ridiculous barricade alone. However, other players have also successfully taken down the cursed barricade in less than 20 minutes using classes like the Shadowhunter or Wardancer, indicating that the barricade prioritizes total hits versus total damage done.

Once you finally take down the barricade, IMMEDIATELY RUN TO THE OTHER SIDE and collect the Mokoko Seeds. The barricade respawns insanely fast, and if you’re not quick enough, it will lock you out, forcing you to break the barricade all over again.

Can you solo the Mount Zagoras Barricade in Lost Ark?

You can definitely solo the Mount Zagoras Barricade. However, having more players contribute to the cause will help speed up the process and allow you to collect the three Mokoko Seeds on the other side.

Alone, it might take around an hour or so of continuous hitting before the barricade finally breaks. Just remember to keep attacking and don’t give up. Some players have spent up to an hour continuously hitting the barrier before the barrier broke down for them, so expect to take the same amount of time when doing it alone.


The Mount Zagoras Barrier is one of the more frustrating challenges you’ll find in Lost Ark. The Mount Zagoras Barrier has a lot of durability, and you cannot just throw high damage skills at it because it counts total hits made rather than damage done. The only way to destroy it is to keep attacking until it finally breaks down for you.

Remember to run in and collect the Mokoko Seeds after you destroy the barrier, as it respawns fast after you break it. Don’t worry about getting stuck inside, as you can use the Triport from inside after you collect the Mokoko Seeds.

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